Mohammed Idris

15 Years of Helping Adults Find their Career Path


After 15 years of helping adults find their feet in the IT industry we share Mohammed Idris’s story with you. Mohammed started the Just IT Networking Engineer course back in 2002 when he was 22. He had gradated from university with a fresh biology degree in his hands, but he soon realised that he didn’t want to pursue a career in Biology as he didn’t believe he had the skills to excel in his chosen field.

Mohammed’s friend had seen Just IT advertised and they both decided to go towards the IT industry. “The course appealed to me. I didn’t want to do Software Development, I wanted an entry-level role because it would cover the basics and go into a lot of detail about the industry. I did my A+ courses, followed by Microsoft, Linux and Novell NetWare. There was quite a broad range and we then went into a lot of depth with the CISCO CCNA.

The course was for 12 weeks, I did one week of studying and one week of revision along with classroom time. A couple of weeks before the course finished I secured my first job in a 1st line support role which was what I was looking for. The experience and the content of the course was enough for me to secure a job and that was with me having no background in IT. Just IT found me the job at DSG and I was there for 11 months.”

Mohammed left DSG to work at Computacenter. “I started as a Technical Scheduler where I was also offering support to Field Engineers. It was similar to the role I did with DSG. I was made permanent a year later and a few months after that, I was made Team Leader and went on to manage a remote support team of 40 engineers. I lead the team for four years and then I moved into a Project Management role which put me in charge of the BT refresh programme across the UK. I was in this role for two years and then I was promoted to International Service Manager for the BT accounts. After proving myself, I was given 19 countries to manage across Asia, Europe and Africa.”

“That’s the best thing about IT, you can build your career from day one, you can move around and test different roles, build relationships and the context will always be different.”

Mohammed’s biggest achievement is the amount of awards he has achieved, he is proud of the relationships he has built and for the past 12 years he has never had to look for a role himself – He has been offered them because of the relationships he had built.

Today Mohammed is managing engineers across 18 countries for BT and for General Electric, another three. “I enjoy the people side to the business. I have always been interested in technology, but also what drives people. When I came into IT, I thought I would remain in a support role, but I have been with the same company for 13 years and this is the 6th role I have had. It has been a jump from support to scheduling to management etc, and after all of that experience I am now on a pathway I want to be on.”

“I still have bright goals ahead of me; I would like to move up within Service Management and look at roles such as a Service Director. I want to remain in the field I’m currently in because I’ve realised that I really enjoy it – especially since I joined the international team.

My experience has been an eye opener, what I first expected from the course is now where I saw myself today and I am happy. I face different challenges and I get to travel a lot which is great!”