Charles Hanscombe

ELCAS: From Military to Linux


Over the 15 years that Just IT have been helping adults into the IT sector, we hear from Charles Hanscombe who originally enrolled onto our IT Networking course in 2014. Charles made a huge difference to his career as he used to be in the army until he decided that a career in IT would work well for him.

“I started the NPP course with Just IT in March 2014. After leaving the army and working in an unrelated field for a few years, I decided that it was time to move into a career with real opportunities. I knew it would be something I would enjoy and a place where my skills would be appreciated. After getting partial finding through the Military ELCAS scheme, I enrolled onto the NPP and I have never regretted it.”

Since passing the CompTIA A+ exam with Just IT, Charles was placed into a 1st Line IT Support role in a large market database company, CACI Ltd. “After 9 months of working there, I was offered the role of a 3rd Line Network Analyst with the same company and this is where I am now. I now administer Linux services as well as Checkpoint Firewalls and Cisco switches.

I am still with CACI Ltd, but I am now classed as a Linux and Security Engineer within my role as a Network Analyst.”

Charles chose IT because he has always enjoyed tinkering around with computers. “My career so far has been very hands-on so it made sense to stay with what I knew! I enjoy the process of being given a task, for instance building a company-wide Linux SFTP server from scratch, then configuring and testing before finally deploying it. The whole lifecycle of work in IT makes me feel that I am accomplishing something new each day.”

Charles’s biggest achievement to date is passing his CCSA, Security+, Linux+, SUSE, CLA, Mac Technician and Nessus Professional qualifications in less than 12 months. Also planning, configuring and deploying a new firewall, switch architecture and WiFi AP Network in a new office with no assistance.

Charles received a lot of support whilst on the programme at Just IT and it has helped him get to where he is today. “The career support was probably the best I have had since leaving the Military.”

Although Charles has come a long way to get into the role he is currently in, he still has further goals that he would like to achieve for the future. “My goal is to study CISSP next year.”

There are a lot of opportunities within technology and anyone from any background can learn something new. If you have the passion and the drive you can achieve anything you want to. Charles came from the army, and going into an IT role is a huge difference which just goes to show that anyone who is determined enough to change career paths can make it.

Not only can you thrive on the knowledge you learn from the course, but you can also keep the option to carry on learning. You do not have to stick to the same pathway as there are many routes you can take within IT.