Nabeel Taher

Turning your passion into an income


With IT being one of the fastest-growing industries out there, there are many who are trying to pursue a career within it. Whether that be changing careers or turning their passion into an income, it’s never too late to learn something new. We spoke to Nabeel Taher who used to be on our NPP course back in 2012, he tells us how he became a Support Manager at GSM.

What made you decide to take the Just IT NPP course?

I have always been interested in IT. I went to university to study Business IT, and once I got my degree, I decided to take a two-year gap. Of course this didn’t help when I was trying to apply for graduate IT roles, because I kept getting asked the same question which was, “why did you take a two-year gap? And “what have you been doing in the space of two years?” The graduate route didn’t work for me which was why I chose the NPP course.

What courses did you do in the NPP?

I did five courses; CompTIA, CompTIA A+, Windows 7, Cisco, Networking and Server. I knew that I eventually wanted to get into a Support Manager role. I tweaked the course to the way that suited me the most. I completed both of the CompTIA exams and Windows 7 because they were relevant to what I wanted to get into.

How did the course help you in the long run?

The courses I did were relevant and they helped me a lot. When I was looking for a role, whether that be applying for a 1st or 2nd line position, I had the qualifications to be able to do it. With the 2nd line roles, I was getting phone calls from employers, and that was because I had the course behind me alongside a business IT degree which worked to my advantage.

Tell us about your work placement

I started my work placement in August 2012 which was supposed to last for six weeks. It was as GSM and after three weeks of doing the placement, the employer liked me and wanted to keep me on. I was offered a permanent full-time role after the six weeks were up. Even though I was already offered a permanent full-time role after the six weeks were up. Even though I was already offered a full-time position, I still had two other interview offers while I was still on the course.

What do you do now?

When I started I was a 2nd Line Engineer, a year and a half later I got the Team Lead position, and then a year after that I was promoted to Support Manager. Now I look after 1st and 2nd Line Support staff. I enjoy my role because I can carry on doing engineering as well as managing.

What are your career aspirations?

I want to carry on in the role I’m in now, but in the long term I would like to get into Project Management.

Would you recommend the course to others?

I already do. We take on work placements from Just IT and I think it’s great because I used to be on the course so I can give them advice. It would be different for them if I said I had been in the industry for 15 years, but I can say that I was on the course and now look where I am. This makes people more confident, and you start to notice how their questions change. It just proves to them that a good career in IT is possible, and that the course really does work.

What did you like the most out of the course?

I liked that you guys sit with people and pre-interview them. It shows a lot more support. At the time I was questioning why I needed it, but then I was explaining why it was important. I think that has got to be the biggest attraction to the course, the help you get alongside it.