Raul Kamal

Trainee to Global IT Manager

How did you first hear about Just IT?

I came across Just IT at a career’s fair near Angel station and spoke to one of Just IT’s representatives. My background involved studying Law and Business Information Systems and at the time I was considering getting into Copyright Law, but had always wanted to do something related to IT. I was looking towards the legal side of things however, at the end of 3 years, like most students, my mind wasn’t entirely made up. I soon realised that I enjoyed IT more than Legal.

What was your background before joining Just IT?

I had a joint honours in Business and Information Systems, other than that I had done a little bit of web designing (partly as a hobby) and freelancing for a few start-up businesses myself. There was a module that I learnt at university which helped me, but as I had a deep interest in IT, I began to self-teach a lot in the beginning.

Did having a degree help you reach your current position? Why did you choose to do the Just IT course even though you’ve got an IT related degree?

The Network Professional Programme for me was the next step up from my degree; I had studied a lot in IT, but this course gave me the specific qualifications and skills which could help me land a job and that I would use everyday. The programme provided a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills which gave me the choice of deciding if I wanted to  focus on Networking, Desktop Support or Linux.

What was your first role?

Just IT helped me get my first role in IT by helping me to prepare my CV with work experience (as a 1st Line Support at FITE IT), and to prepare for the interview. I did two months of work experience and they kept me on afterwards as a permanent staff member.

What does your current role consist of?

I am now a global IT Manager of Prophet which is a marketing and branding company with nine offices globally. My role includes overseeing a lot of the global projects from day to day support and managing staff in the other offices we have – this is all done via video conferencing, going to the office myself or over the phone every month.

What do you enjoy the most in your role?

I enjoy seeing everything come together. Where I work now, my philosophy is to set everybody that I manage onto the path of a greater goal. I also enjoy travelling through work, which is a novelty of the job.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I am open minded, but currently my career progression is going towards an IT Director position. However, I’m not adverse to doing Project IT Management, CIO or something within ITIL.

What has been the biggest challenge you have had to face so far in your career?

Sometimes the working environment or people can pose challenges as you can easily be diverted from your work.

What would you recommend to someone who is considering a career in IT?

I would recommend to really engross yourself in every opportunity given and to learn as much about tech as you can.