Stuart Gardiner

IT Training Courses: How Do You Change Career into Tech?


We know that the technology industry is where the jobs are, especially if you have the knowledge behind you to back it up. But what if you wanted to break into the field without the background or experience required in that area? Stuart Gardiner used to work in the pharmaceutical industry before changing careers into tech last year. Here is how he did it, which just proves to you that you can do it too!

It’s interesting to see what the reasons are for suddenly changing careers into a completely different industry. Everyone is different, but for Stuart it was all about opportunities. “To be honest, I wasn’t really going anywhere with the job that I was in as it had no career prospects. I knew I would enjoy the job that I am in now as I have always liked computers and obviously there are more ways I can expand my knowledge in IT”.

Even if you do decide to change careers, you should never let the lack of qualifications or experience hold you back. You can build up your own experience, and you don’t need to have a reference or a company stated on your CV to prove it. Stuart developed his skills through doing the things that he enjoys such as building his own computers.

Stuart found Just IT and signed up to the Network Professional Programme. “I completed the course; it was great and I had a lot of help from the instructors”. The whole learning process helped Stuart onto the right career path, and it wasn’t long before he secured a job in IT. “I was supported very well by the recruiters. I was on the course for three months and my consultant Emmanuel managed to get me interviews a week or two before I finished my training”. Stuart interviewed at M9 in St Paul’s and is now a 1st Line Technician, but he has recently progressed to 2nd Line Work. “I definitely made the right decision – my job is now enjoyable”.

“It’s a live environment, there is something new happening all the time and there are different challenges every day which is fun and engaging. I’m now looking to move and improve as I go along, but for now I am happy. It was challenging in the beginning as there was a lot to get a grip of, and it can also be quite overwhelming when going into a new environment and learning how everything is set up. The theory side is completely different to the practical side; it’s the next level where you have to apply everything you have learnt into real life tasks”.

A career should be what you enjoy, and you should never give up on those interests. “If you’re passionate about the tech industry, go for it, but only if you are really interested in IT. The course is there to help you and the more effort you put into your learning, the more you will get out of it”.

Overall Stuart believes that it was a great decision, “It’s one I am happy with and it was certainly worth my time”.