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Our aim at Just IT Apprenticeships is to match motivated tech enthusiasts with forward-thinking employers to introduce new talent into the digital industries. We also help organisations bridge their skills gap by using Apprenticeship funding to upskill their existing employees with IT and Digital qualifications.

Hire New IT & Digital Talent

The Apprenticeship scheme can give you access to enthusiastic digital natives looking to launch their IT or digital career. Apprentices work with an employer for 12-24 months while undertaking key qualifications and soft skill development training with Just IT. Following completion of the programme, employers have the option to offer Apprentices a permanent full time position.

Fund Your Internal Workforce Development Programme

Our training can also be used to benefit your internal workforce development programme. Allow us to expand your employees’ knowledge and skillset with key industry qualifications, ensuring them they grow in today’s thriving digital economy.

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“Mesh Computers engaged with Just IT early 2014 looking for new talents around the local area. Just IT had provided us a great service, benefiting from a range of young Apprentices of high quality (at the moment having 3 Apprentices on board and looking to get the 4th one).
Just IT have constantly kept in communication with us, regarding their visiting schedules and updates. The candidates sent through, knew all about Apprenticeships and Mesh Computers as a company. I would definitely recommend Just IT for anyone looking for a tailored approach when looking for quality Apprentices.”


Latest News For Apprenticeship Employers


In May 2017, the government changed the way Apprenticeships were funded for larger employers by introducing a scheme known as the Apprenticeship Levy.

The aim of the Apprenticeship Levy is to improve the quality and quantity of Apprenticeships in England, not just for new employees but also for your internal Workforce Development Programmes. It is expected that the Levy will heavily contribute towards the government target of 3 million Apprenticeships by 2020.



  • Training supported by the government

    Apprenticeships are financially supported by government reducing the cost to businesses.

  • Nurture untapped potential

    Secure great new employees from a wider talent pool

  • No recruitment fees

    The service we provide to help you recruit the ideal candidate is free of charge

  • Mould your own talent pool

    Apprentices will bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas whilst easily adapting to your culture and methods

  • Additional grants available

    We will advise if you are eligible for additional funding opportunities and help you apply for relevant grants

  • Fill your skills gaps

    Keep your company growing by staying ahead of the Digital and IT skills shortage

  • Motivate your workforce

    Provide leadership and management opportunities for other staff and allow them to focus on more strategic tasks

  • Improve your bottom line

    Apprentices deliver a high return on investment estimated by The National Apprenticeship Service to be £18 for every £1 invested

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“I have been working closely with Just IT for around 3 years now, and the most pleasing aspect I have had since then is the care they show for their clients. I have been involved with a few other Apprenticeship suppliers, and no others come close to Just IT in terms of taking out the time to show that they care about what they are doing, but also the quality in doing so at the same time. I’m more than keen for this relationship to continue in the future!”



All our Apprentices are screened to a strict criteria before being offered placements with employers. Recruiting an Apprentice is very similar to hiring any other member of IT staff. Our pre-employment team have already worked extensively with potential candidates over several sessions to assess their attitude, skills and career motivations. Those suitable for an opportunity are then shortlisted and ready for potential interview. This screening process evaluates academic ability, communication skills and especially passion for technology – only the top 5% of applicants make it through and we then work with the other candidates to find alternative options.

We work with bedroom coders, IT hobbyists and social-media enthusiasts who have a real interest in their pathway of choice.



IT Apprenticeship Training From Just IT

Typical Job Roles:

1st Line Technical Support

Helpdesk Engineer

IT Technician

IT Support Apprentice


Typical Job Roles:

Junior Programmer

Web Developer

Web Administrator

Entry Level Programmer


Typical Job Roles:

Digital Marketing Assistant

Digital Marketing Executive

Marketing Assistant

Marketing Executive


New standards are replacing the older frameworks over the next few years. They set new skill and assessment standards for Apprenticeships, with support from government, professional industry bodies, training providers like Just IT, and awarding bodies.

They have been created by employers to be more flexible to meet the needs of employers and to match the specific requirements of individual job roles and can be customised to suit a specific requirement.

As with the older frameworks, Apprentices will be assessed throughout the duration of their Apprenticeship. However, standards also introduce a definitive end of programme assessment designed to provide a pass, merit, distinction or fail.

New Standards currently available at Just IT

Infrastructure Technician
Software Development Technician
Software Tester

Network Engineer
Software Developer
Data Analyst

New standards will become available as soon as they are approved by the government for delivery.




Following the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, the funding rules for Apprenticeships have changed.

Companies which are paying the Apprenticeship Levy (payroll bill of over £3million), can use their Apprenticeship Levy account to directly finance their Apprenticeship scheme. This can be used to train brand new Apprentices, or to finance an internal development programme through using Apprenticeship funding.

Companies under the threshold for the Apprenticeship Levy need to pay a 10% contribution towards Apprenticeship training, with the remaining 90% contribution paid by the government. Companies under 50 staff can also get additional support if they chose to employ a 16-18 year old on the Apprenticeship scheme.

All sizes of companies will need to pay your Apprentice’s wage (a recommended minimum of £150 a week).

Want to make the most of the funding changes for Apprenticeships? Contact us for tailored advice.


“We screen every applicant through several stages of soft skill, technical ability and attitude tests before we even think about matching them to a company. Our employability workshops are a great way to make sure these tech enthusiasts have not only the drive, but the skills needed to thrive in a business environment.”

Gemma Mariotti – Candidate Relationship Consultant


“We have been working with Just IT since October 2013 and now have multiple Apprentices within our technology teams. We have been particularly impressed with the performance of our Apprentices and the level of support that Just IT has provided on an ongoing basis. Regular reports and learner updates allow us to keep up to date with learner progress and the recruitment and induction process is well organised and tailored to meet our requirements.”





We can offer the level of support you need to make your Apprenticeship programme a success.

For companies paying the new Apprenticeship Levy we can provide a full consultation service offering bespoke advice on using your funds to meet your entry-level recruitment needs, or upskill your existing staff through an internal development programme.

As well as advising on the Levy, our dedicated Employer Relationship team assist companies of all sizes with the recruitment of your Apprentice, the design of an Apprenticeship programme to meet your skill requirements, and arranging of available government funding.

Once you have Apprentices on programme, our Business Coach team form the bridge between the Apprentice’s work and training obligations. They will monitor the progression of your Apprentice and make regular visits to your workplace to ensure everything remains on track.


“As Business Coaches our job is to make sure that both the Apprentice and employer are enjoying the Apprenticeship scheme and are on the right track to success. To help them feel confident and supported, each Apprentice is visited at their workplace regularly to discuss their progress and any concerns they may have. Employers are welcome to join in with these sessions and encouraged to chat about their Apprentice’s progression and any areas that could be worked on.”

Sayed Ahmed – Trainer and Assessor





Every year we host the Just IT Apprenticeship Awards ceremony at BCS, the chartered institute of technology, as a way of recognising the successes of our Apprentices and employers. The Awards bring together top IT employers, high achieving Apprentices and individuals from the IT and Apprenticeship worlds.

Outstanding Apprentices are recognised in the following categories: IT Support and Networking, Web and Software Development, Digital Marketing, Best CompTIA Score and the Just IT Apprentice of the Year. We also have our Employer of the Year award to give recognition to a business who has made extraordinary efforts in supporting the Apprenticeship programme.

For more information visit the Just IT Awards Website


The Just IT Apprenticeship Awards wouldn’t be possible without our brilliant sponsors.

In 2015 we were joined in celebrating the talent of our Apprentices by a select group of our partners, including:


Our passion for supporting people and businesses, through dynamic and responsive delivery, is at the core of every one of our services. That Just IT Apprenticeship Programme is proven to provide employers with fantastic results:

  • 85.6%

    of our Apprentices, complete their programme

  • 91%

    of our Apprenticeship stay in full time employment, of which 70% stay with their current company

  • 90%

    of employers we work with say their Apprentice has added value to their team

  • 50%

    of our employers are new to the Apprenticeship programme, many of which are already thinking about taking further Apprentices



From funding and recruitment, to training and on-going development. To date, we have helped over 1000 IT and Digital Apprentices reach their potential in diverse businesses across London.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Apprenticeship scheme, our experienced team can provide the answers. We can also arrange a visit to your office should you prefer to discuss your plans in person.

Talk to us now. Call 020 7426 9835


“A key stage of our placement process is to really get to know a company’s culture and skill gaps. Like with any other recruitment process, it’s important to find the perfect match both in terms of the Apprentice’s career aspirations and the company’s needs. We work with our clients to create a job spec tailored to them, and support them through every stage, from interview right through to completion.”

Paul Crisp – Senior Employer Relationship Consultant


An Apprenticeship is a real job with training that allows individuals to learn as they earn, gaining internationally recognised qualifications as they go. Apprenticeships take between one and four years to complete and cover 1,500 job roles in a wide range of industries, from areas such as engineering to agriculture, veterinary nursing to accountancy. Most Apprenticeships are open to anyone who are not in full time education.

The typical Apprentice works for 37.5 hours a week for 12-24 months. During this time, Apprentices will have a small amount of time off from usual work to complete their training with Just IT at our training centre. This will be arranged in advance with both yourself and the Apprentice.

We encourage all our employers to pay Apprentices a minimum of £150 per week. However, the amount you offer for a role will influence the quality and age of candidates likely to apply for your Apprenticeship opportunity. Our team will be able to advise on the right salary levels for your role.

It’s entirely up to you – you are under no obligation to offer a full time position at the end of the programme, although a lot of our employers decide to keep their Apprentice as a permanent employee. If you do decide to hire your Apprentice permanently, there will be no recruitment fee. You could also decide to progress your Apprentice to a Level 4 and extend their placement, and you will always have the option to take another Apprentice into the business.

As the scheme is supported by government funding there is some paperwork to do at the start of the programme and as your Apprentice progresses. However Just IT have placed over 1000 Apprentices into different businesses so we are hereto support you through the process and make it as easy as possible to get the full benefit from the scheme.

You can have as many as you want simultaneously, there is no limit. However we will always make sure there is sufficient support and resources in your company for the number of Apprentices you have.

Our Training Centre is located in Central London.

22 Plumbers Row
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