Everybody deserves an opportunity and by taking on a Traineeship candidate, your company can provide a young person with vital work experience and a step up into an IT career.

The Traineeship scheme is designed to prepare young people for a full-time job or apprenticeship. Following essential work preparation, Trainees are given the opportunity to work for a minimum of three weeks at a London employer to discover the rewards and demands of full-time employment.

Traineeships can become an important stepping stone between full-time education and the world of work. By focusing on real world skills and the development of Maths and English, Trainees finish the programme with the confidence to apply for jobs and take the first steps in their careers. There is even the opportunity for the work experience provider to extend their commitment with a full year Apprenticeship or permanent position.


As a government initiative, Traineeships come with no cost to an employer, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t offer any value. Traineeships are a chance for your company to provide important opportunities for young people in your local community. By providing three weeks or more work experience, you are demonstrating a practical commitment to increasing youth employability and reducing the work skills gap.

Many Trainees may not yet be experienced, but they can still add energy and value through assisting other staff with work tasks and donating ideas into active work projects.


Just IT are a key IT Pre-Apprenticeship provider for London

We provide young people with all the training requirements of the Traineeship and prepare them for their work placement. We also support employers in their role as a work experience provider, ensuring they receive the full benefits of the government’s Traineeship programme.



Ringley Chartered Surveyors

It is sad but true that the UK schooling system often leaves young people ill prepared for the real demands of a productive working life: punctuality, upwards reporting, business standards, business etiquette not text talk, and individual production as part of wider and more complex team goals.

Traineeships provide a whole new world of understanding and the connection between ‘project based exams’ to the requirements of ‘commercial demands and the instant speed and quick thinking the modern business world requires’. The Traineeship programme has increased the success of our internship programme from 50 to 70+ percent.


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