IT Training

How does the £18-28k ‘job (or your money back) guarantee’ work?

Our job guarantee is a written document that guarantees you a job or your money back within three months of passing the certifications. During our selection process your training consultant will assess your suitability to the course, and unlike many other training companies we will not allow you onto the course unless we believe you will get a job at the end of it.

The terms of the Job Guarantee Agreement can be summarised as follows:

‘If the candidate fails to obtain an IT job offer of £18-28k per annum (current average is £25k) within 90 days of programme completion (120 days if the candidate undertakes a work placement) the supplier will give the candidate a rebate of £500 per month to a maximum of the total training fees. However as soon as an IT job of between £18-28K is gained the repayments will cease. At this point a final payment by Just IT Training will be made, which will be pro rata for part months.’

How and where does the training take place?

All in-person training takes places at our headquarters in St Clare’s house, which is in an ideal location just a five minute walk from Aldgate and Tower Hill tube stations. For a map and full directions click

In this modern learning space you will benefit from state of the art facilities, with flat screen PC’s and air conditioning.

How long does the programme last?

Depending on what you want to learn, the IT training can last anything between 9 weeks to 18 months. The majority of our candidates take part in the full programme of 5 modules and study the fast track route over 9 weeks. This is because they want to get into the IT industry or want to make a career change and they want to gain and develop skills in a range of areas as quickly as possible.

What starting salary should I expect?

Most candidates get between £18-28K when they first start, with the average being around £19k. Most people should expect to be earning between £25-30k within 2 years of the joining the industry after completing our NPP or DP.

What support will I receive in getting interviews?

As well as receiving excellent technical training with us you will also develop your ‘soft skills’. We know that some of the pitfalls in getting the best job are having a good CV, having training in interview skills and have the confidence to present well. You will benefit from the expertise of our career support and recruitment team to train and support you in these areas. You will also benefit from our recruitment companies extensive network of IT managers, and our recruiters will contact you about jobs that suit you. So by the end of the programme you will have a positive mental attitude and skills to get the best job you can.

Can anyone do your courses?

Although typically the people on our programmes are IT graduates, based in London, aged between 21 and 30, Just IT trains candidates of all ages, from all backgrounds. We want motivated and driven candidates who are passionate about IT. As long as we feel confident that you will use the programme to reach your full potential and get the job in IT that you want, then you will be an ideal candidate for the programme.

I’m really interested in IT but have never studied/worked in IT. Will I find the course too hard?

The main attribute our training consultants look for in potential candidates is a passion for IT; we want people who show commitment, a good work ethic, and good communication skills.

The course provides you with an opportunity to progress your IT skills, and while already having some experience will mean that you may find it easier, it is not a requirement. What you will need for the course is a passion for, and basic understanding of IT, as well as a hardworking attitude.

Who Runs The Training?

The programme is run by our qualified Just IT Trainers. Many of the trainers completed the NPP programme themselves.

How many people get a job in IT after the programme?

The vast majority of people that we train get a job in IT within 3-6 months from starting the programme.

Our screening process and selection criteria mean that we only sign up those we believe have the potential and drive to achieve within these timelines. Less than 10% of our candidates don’t succeed in getting a job within 12 months of completing the programme.

The actual speed that people get a job depends on a number of things such as communication skills, and focus. We will not take everyone on the programme that comes to us, because for some people the Just IT programme is not right for them. So come and meet with us and if we can’t help you ourselves, we will give you advice about how to progress your career.

Just IT offers a combination of training and recruitment services – is this a good thing?

Just IT Recruitment and Just IT Training are two separate companies. They operate from the same premises and have the same shareholder but they deliver two different services. The key point about the relationship is that Just IT Recruitment is ideally placed to secure jobs for the candidates that undertake the training with Just IT Training.

This enables Just IT to provide a unique combination that really gives candidates advantages over other training companies they could choose. If people want to train for the sake of certifications alone then they can study at Just IT (in which case the cost of the programme will be lower), but the vast majority of people choose Just IT because they want to get a job and they can see how we will help them to achieve this.

It is this partnership that enables us to provide a £18-28k job guarantee, ensuring we work to the highest standards. In this market, with the level of competition out there for jobs and with a lack of government support, it is clear that Just IT plays a valuable role in helping to get IT careers started.

How can I find out more?

Arrange to meet with us and discuss your career aspirations and find out what Just IT Training can do for you. This is an opportunity to talk about the programme content and specifically what skills you will have after completing the course. A senior trainer would be available so you can be assured of leaving with a full understanding of the technical aspects of the programme.

You will leave with a full understanding about how Just IT could help you gain a well-paid job in the IT profession. To organise a meeting please contact us by filling out the form on this page or calling 0207 426 9835.


Network Professional Programme

Can I take just certain modules rather than the whole programme?

Yes. If you want to develop your skills in A+ or get qualified as a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) then Just IT Training is an ideal place to study. Contact us for specific pricing and dates of the courses.

Do I receive any recognised professional certifications?

Yes. You will have certificates in some of the most sought after areas within the IT profession. These include CompTIA A+, MCTS (Windows 7 and Windows 2012 Server) and CCNA.

What is the typical career progression?

With high demand for technical professionals, IT is a great field to get in to. An entry level role would typically be 1st line support, with natural career development being into 2nd and 3rd line support. It is also possible to progress to areas such as; networking, technical sales and systems administration.

Many candidates trained with Just IT are able to gain salaries over £30k within 3-4 years. Furthermore, the average salary for IT professionals is around £38k; so a course with Just IT is a real investment in your future.

How often do the courses start?

They start every 4 weeks, but they get booked up quickly. So get in touch to find out when the next one commences.

I want to get a job as soon as possible, how quickly could this happen with Just IT?

Just IT provides a fast track solution to get you into your first IT job; and because we understand the huge role that industry experience plays, we recommend you getting into employment before you have taken all of your exams.

You could in fact be ready to start applying for your first role in as little as 10 weeks. Obviously Just IT Recruitment, and our career support team will help you every step of the way.

Of course, how quickly you secure a job depends on how much you apply yourself to your studies.

What are the differences between self-study and instructor led training?

Instructor Led:

The structure of this option means many find it more motivating, also not only do you have tutors on hand to help you with any areas of difficulty, you will be able to share knowledge and learn from your classmates.

However, this structure means that it offers you less flexibility; you need to be available when the training takes place, and you will also have to travel there. The cost is slightly higher for instructor led training.


The main benefit of this option is flexibility; you can learn from home at your own pace, when it suits you. Generally this option suits people with other commitments. It is has smaller costs associated with it.

However, some people find this option makes them less focused, and it takes them longer to pass exams due to the lack of encouragement and access to specialist help. Self study can be a great option, but it doesn’t suit everyone. It is important to assess your situation and what you require from a training course.

That said, Just IT’s online learning course offers you engaging tutor-led sessions, regular calls and monitoring from your tutor, full career support, as well as the £18-28k job guarantee.


Developers Programme

Can I take just certain modules rather than the whole programme?

Unfortunately not, we only offer the Developers programme as a complete package.

Do I receive any recognised professional certifications?

Our Developers Programme is primarily focused upon giving you the skills you need to excel, and helping you to develop your own portfolio to prove to employers you’re an excellent candidate.

As well as your own standout portfolio and knowledge of various coding languages, you’ll get these qualifications under your belt: MTA Software Development Fundamentals, MTA HTML5 Web, Application Development Fundamentals, MCSD Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 and MCSD Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Application.

What is the typical career progression?

Development is such a varied career path that there is no one defined career. However, whichever route or specialism you choose, you will more than likely start out as a Junior Developer, within 1-4 years you’ll progress to a senior developer. Once you’re established in your career you may choose progress to be a Lead Developer or Architect.

You may choose to build your career in front end design, back end or database design, app development or any number of coding languages.

How often do the courses start?

Due to the course structure, you can start whenever you like.

I want to get a job as soon as possible, how quickly could this happen with Just IT?

It’s up to the candidate! Every candidate that comes through Just IT will have different responsibilities and lifestyles. It essentially depends on your own focus and drive, Just IT provides you with all the tools and support that you need to change your career but only you can make it happen.

If you’re not in work and focussing on the course full time, the average time from starting the course to landing a job in around six months. If you’re continuing to work, and only focussing on the course part-time, it takes on average around 12 months to complete the course.

Who runs the training?

We have Technical Trainers that have worked in the industry for a number of years or have been training individuals in programming across our courses. They take the lead on assisting the candidates to enhance their skills. The Career Support team focuses on developing the candidate’s soft skills such as interview technique and confidence to increase their employability. Both teams work together very closely to support the candidates through the course and into their roles as Developers.

How many people get a job in IT after the programme?

We have excellent success rates with candidates going into full time employment in a development role after completing the programme. When a candidate is focused, committed and takes on board the advice given by our Career Support, Technical and Recruitment teams, there should be nothing standing in their way.

As we’ve said before, we provide you with the tools that you need to change your career but you have to use those tools to get the career that you want – our Job Guarantee is proof that we have full confidence in our training courses and our candidates.

How will Just IT Recruitment support me?

The Recruitment Consultants from Just IT Recruitment provide feedback and advice to enhance your portfolio. This is an essential part of the programme as you will receive keen insights that will enable you to stand out from the crowd and match your skills to the current needs of employers that are seeking Developers to join their teams. Just IT Recruitment can also put you forward for their live roles that they are working to fill in addition preparing you for technical interviews and assessment with employers.