Just IT Now Offering Apprenticeships Nationwide

We are proud to announce that we are expanding our delivery of apprenticeships nationwide.

At Just IT and Skills Team we have been starting tech and digital careers for 20 years, always looking to improve and optimise how we meet the needs of our customers.

After significant changes to the way we all conduct our business in the last year, we felt it more important than ever to progress our delivery model, and to make getting the most out of apprenticeships easier than ever for our employers and learners.

For that reason, we evolved how our apprenticeship programmes are accessed by utilising Aptem in our apprenticeship delivery. The Aptem platform means we are able to offer employers and learners a broader toolkit to manage their apprentices and to learn with more flexibility than ever.

Alongside making the most of the technologies available to us, we have also been delivering apprenticeships with a number of larger employers outside of London including HCC, Sainsbury’s and AB Foods. The experience supporting these organisations has helped us to refine our processes to provide a great experience at every stage.  

We’d like to give thanks to our Operations & Service Delivery team, as well as our Trainers, Business Coaches and of course our learners for their support and feedback during this transition. The combined input of everyone has allowed us to strengthen our offering at every stage, and truly make the most of the technology available to us.

While we have been able to deploy remote training for several years, we feel that our current offering is stronger than ever and will allow us to continue delivering innovative apprenticeship training nationwide as it continues to evolve.

To find out how we can support your organisation with remote apprenticeships across Digital and Management pathways, enquire below.