Why Business Analyst Skills Will Be In Demand

Since the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to us, all going into our office’s companies up and down the UK have had to embrace remote working and digital. This has brought into focus the need for digital systems, software and digital skills within organisations.

We have been looking into how Covid-19, has then, in effect, acted as a driver to digital transformation and highlighted the importance of critical digital skills within an organisation.

One role that is increasingly important in large change projects is the role of Business Analyst. To further explore this, we are hosting a webinar on 21st May, looking at why Business Analysis skills are so essential and, crucially, how employers can develop these skills within their organisation. 

The event will be supported by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT and there will be an expert panel to discuss: 

  • How Covid-19 has accelerated digital change
  • Why Business Analysts are crucial to change projects 
  • Digital transformation focusing on business systems meeting users’ needs
  • Developing Business Analysis skills through apprenticeships