Learn New Skills From Home

Just IT learners benefit from always-on access to both our resources and our training expertise. We have harnesed the latest technologies to provide a remote learning product that means our learners can learn, develop and benefit from all our training programmes wherever they are.

Online Coaching

We have great coaches with years of experience in delivering the most relevant and useful information to support people to achieve their goals.

Now, through remote access technologies like Microsoft Teams, learners can see, hear and collaborate with our apprenticeship Business Coaches. This gives direct access to ask questions and receive bespoke support relevant to the stage of their programme.

This collaborative and interactive approach adds value to the learning experience and is now offered in a fully online environment.

Remote Training Delivery

For candidates on our IT and Developer programmes through to apprentices in their classroom teach sessions, our Remote Training sessions offer a virtual classroom experience.

Powered by the latest Online Learning Platforms, such as GoToTraining, learners connect directly to training sessions, able to view presentations and demonstrations in real time.

Where the course requires learners to complete practical exercises on specialist software/environments, we have enabled software (Citrix GoToMyPC) across our Training Centre to allow completion of practicals on high-spec machines.

Benefits of Remote Learning

We believe our remote learning capabilities offer an amazing and flexible way to learn. If you are unsure whether online learning can really work for you, then here’s some reasons that might change your mind.

Flexible access to trainers & coaches

Unlike the traditional classroom setup, online delivery means our trainers offer multiple ways for the learner to contact them. So, between email, live chat and face-time platforms there are always opportunities to get feedback.

Learn at your own pace

With online access to course materials, learners can work at a time and pace that suits them. Our virtual learning environments save crucial lessons and coaching sessions to video. Presentation and other resources are also accessible by learners through their learning dashboards.

Customize learning environment 

Online access requires our learner to have a good internet connection, a laptop of desktop PC, the rest is up to them.

Developing self-discipline

Employers we work with require candidates to be motivated and dedicated to the jobs or apprenticeships they are applying for. Learning online and managing your learning schedule is a great way to display you have the time management skills and the attitude an employer wants to see.

These key skills will be nurtured through pour programmes by our coaches and trainers, but the learner has to complement this with their own self-discipline.

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