Is your business utilising its apprenticeship levy effectively?

It’s now 24 months after the start of the levy programme and unused backdated funds from this time will soon expire. It is now an opportune time for companies to review their levy fund and think about strategies to utilise it effectively.

Some employers view the apprenticeship levy as more of a tax than an opportunity, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Your levy fund should be seen as a ringfenced L&D budget that can be:

  • invested in valuable in-house talent development
  • hiring new staff to fill skills gaps

With 94% of employees saying they would stay with a company longer if offered training, and the UK suffering a tech skills shortage, there has never been a better time to utilise the levy.

Our guide shows eight ways the levy can be used, from hiring new staff, upskilling existing employees, through to how the levy can help support other business in your supply chain.

Download our guide to 8 ways you can use your apprenticeship levy

Apprenticeship Levy Guide
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Apprenticeship Levy

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