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  • Get paid employment in an IT Job from the start of the programme
  • Earn internationally recognised IT qualifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, CIW and an NVQ in ICT
  • Increase your future earning potential in the IT industry
  • Avoid the debts and costs of university
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IT Apprenticeships in London and the UK

With over a decade's worth of training and recruitment experience, we train and match apprentices to IT employers, supporting both parties throughout the year-long London IT apprenticeship programme. It's a tried and tested process that provides apprentices with an opportunity to kick-start their tech career, and employers a cost-effective and well-qualified IT professional.

Our 4 Apprenticeship Pathway options develop expertise in Network & Support, Web or Software Development, IT Application, and Social Media For Business. 

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The Just IT Apprenticeship Programme is the easiest way into the IT or tech career of your choice. Get an IT apprenticeship job in London from day one and earn internationally recognised qualifications without building any debt.

The government-funded Just IT Apprenticeship Programme is a cost-effective solution to entry-level recruitment, that enables you to nurture your own talent and develop a workforce with all the industry-relevant skills.






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