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IT and Digital apprenticeships are helping employers across the UK bridge the tech skills gap.

Why hire an Apprentice?

Today apprenticeships cover a range of job types and now are a great way to hire for IT, Digital and tech-related positions. The UK currently has a tech skills shortage which the government is using apprenticeships as part of the strategy to close this gap and get young people into tech roles within good organisations.

The Apprenticeship Process

Apprenticeships are real jobs carried out while training towards industry-recognised qualifications. Our aim at Just IT is to match motivated tech enthusiasts with forward-thinking employers to introduce new talent into all industries.

IT & Networking

Why use Just IT?

We are specialists at matching motivated tech enthusiasts with forward-thinking employers to introduce new talent into their teams, and increase the mix of skills they have.

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The Apprenticeship Levy

The apprenticeship Levy has been designed to encourage employers to maximise the benefits of apprenticeship training. The Levy applies to businesses operating in the UK with an annual wage bill over £3m.

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Apprenticeship Programmes

Data Analyst

Demand for Data professionals has tripled over the past 5 years in the UK. Our Data Analyst programme gives learners the advanced skills needed to progress their data career.

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Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

Digital Marketer

For a business to achieve its objectives, it’s important to focus attention on customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Digital Marketers identify these key opportunities in an online society.

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IT Apprenticeships

IT Support & Networking

In an age where businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on IT, the security of data across complex networks is of vital importance, as is the role of IT support and Network Engineers.

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Business Analyst

The role of the Business Analyst is crucial to improving processes and systems within an organisation. Recently, as more organisations look to embed digital change projects, this has accelerated the demand for Business Analysis skills.

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IT & Networking

Software Developer

Computer software plays a pivotal role in an organisation’s effectiveness and efficiency. Having skilled Software Developers to design these systems inline with business goals is a key value add.

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Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeships


Information Communications Technicians are the backbone of any successful organisation in the digital era. Delivering support to internal and external stakeholders, they ensure the IT side of your business is running smoothly.

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Data Readiness

Demand for Data professionals has tripled over the past 5 years. Our Data Readiness programme focuses on giving the skills needed to use data effectively in your workplace.

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Web and software Developer

Upskilling Your Team

We also offer a number of apprenticeship pathways designed to develop your existing team members.

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Apprenticeship FAQs

What are apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are government-approved programmes, lasting a minimum of a year, which combines a job, practical training and study. There are hundreds of apprenticeships, covering everything from accountancy to watchmaking. Apprenticeships have different levels depending on how senior they are, ranging from level 2 (entry-level) to level 8 (PhD-level).

How are they funded?

Apprenticeships are largely funded by the government – individuals cannot pay for their apprenticeships. Businesses pay the Apprenticeship Levy of 0.05% on all pay over £3M per year. This goes into each businesses’ Digital Account where the government adds 10%. This money is then available to spend on apprenticeships. Money that has lain in the account for more than two years expires and returns to the government.

Organisations with less than £3M in salaries each year pay only 5% of the total cost of the apprenticeship, with the government directly paying the rest.

Organisations with fewer than 50 staff don’t pay anything towards apprenticeships if the apprentice is 16-18 years old or 19-24 years old and has been in care or has an EHC plan.

How much do apprenticeships cost?

Apprenticeships in general can vary from £2500 to £27,000, with our selection ranging from £4500 to £18,000 depending on the course.

These costs are paid for through the Apprenticeship Levy fund. For non Levy employers, they will be required to pay 5% of the apprenticeship cost, with the government paying the other 95%. For companies with fewer than 50 staff, in which case the Government will pay the full amount.

How long do apprenticeships take to complete?

Apprenticeship duration’s vary but last a minimum of a year and can last up to five years. Our apprenticeships last from 14 to 24 months depending on programme.

How does candidate enrolment work?

Enrolment takes place online, guided by one of our candidate engagement team. Enrolment consists of a registration form, literacy and numeracy assessments, prior skills and knowledge assessments, and eligibility and documentation checks. Once this is complete, applicants can be put forward for vacancies or added onto the programme.

What our clients say

Apprenticeships with Google

Just IT’s dedicated coaches have proven really flexible in terms of the training our apprentices complete. Our partnership has helped set up the apprentices for success as future professionals in the industry.

Maya Tudor Global Apprenticeships Program Manager @ Google UK

We have a great apprentice who is perfect for our organisation. Just IT took care of all the paperwork. We’re really pleased with the service.

Victoria Spence Big Creative Education
Providing IT solutions to SMI

Just IT provided fantastic service from the get-go, delivering skilled candidates quickly. I recommend them to anyone looking for hardworking apprentices with a passion for IT.

Ryan Foley Head of IT Support & Data @ SMI Group

Since hiring an apprentice, Just IT has maintained contact with myself and the hiring manager through weekly updates and calls. I would highly recommend choosing Just IT.

Naomi Kenny Domo Communications

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