Just IT Referral Scheme

Introduce us to new candidates or new clients and get paid through our referral scheme.

Earn by Referring

Knowing the right people pays. If you’ve been impressed by us, you can refer someone for any of our IT, Digital and Tech roles, or any client looking to fill a role, and earn £500.

Client Referrals

We offer £500 if you refer us to new client who is looking to hire. If Just IT fill the role for your referred client, we will pay within 4-weeks of receiving an initial invoice payment.

You can choose for us to pay the £500 to you, or if you prefer we are happy to pay a charity of your choice.

To keep things simple, the £500 is only paid on the initial placement, and it must be either a full-time permanent or apprenticeship role, or a contract of 6 months. If we make any future placements with the same person or client, then these will not qualify for any additional payments.

In the unlikely event of a dispute about payments, then our legal team insist that we state here that the decision of Just IT is final.

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Candidate Referrals

To qualify for £500 your referral must be someone new to Just IT – a candidate not already registered with us, and for a full-time permanent, or contract role of at least 6 months. We are unable to pay candidate referrals for Apprenticeship roles.

If you recommend the same person as someone else, then we will make sure we pay the £500 to whichever referral most directly led to that person being placed by us.

On Candidate referrals we will pay once your recommendation has completed 12-weeks of employment. If they are placed on contract then don’t worry – those 12-weeks can be with more than one employer.

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