Hiring & Developing Staff

Through our apprenticeships, training and recruitment services we help employers hire and develop the best IT, Digital and tech talent.


Finding IT and Digital Talent

Hire an Apprentice

Just IT Apprenticeships match motivated tech enthusiasts with forward-thinking employers to introduce new talent into digital industries.

Hiring apprentices allows employers to nurture and develop entry-level staff at the beginning of their tech career, helping to shape the next generation of talent and introduce new talent to your organisation.

Hiring Tech Talent

Our Training and Apprenticeships teams provide us with exclusive access to a skilled pool of candidates ranging from entry-level right through to senior hires.

These are candidates we have personally sourced, trained and built lasting relationships with, often over many years. Alongside this, our we are IT and digital specialists and engage the very best candidates from the open market through proactive sourcing, referrals and recommendations.

Staff Training & Development

Developing staff is vital to a happy and productive workforce, and to retaining the best employees. We offer a range of training solutions that will best fit your needs, from strategies to utilise the levy to upskill through to bespoke training sessions built around your team’s requirements.

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