Business Analyst

Our Business Analyst programme will give your team critical insight skills and techniques to lead business transformation projects and impart critical change solutions.

Business Analysts are agile problem-solvers, who play a critical role in enabling business change. Our Level 4 Business Analyst programme focuses on teaching the latest approach and techniques for business analysis, change management and project implementation. This will enable learners to make practical improvements in how they identify, evaluate and define options for improvement within their organisation.

Who is this programme for?

This programme would benefit anyone who is looking to improve digitisation, change management, project and analytical output skills. The programme is particularly well suited to anyone leading or supporting with Digital Transformation projects.

Typical job roles for our Business Analyst learners include; Clinical Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Change Lead, Transformation Lead, Project Administrator or Support, Process Lead, Implementation Manager, Information Analyst, Performance Analyst, Systems Analyst and Digital Applications Analyst.

What will you learn?

The Level 4 Business Analyst (Business Analyst apprenticeship programme) includes four associated BCS certificates, Agile training, and an optional BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis, ensuring that your Business Analyst is highly-skilled, with the qualifications to back this up.

Our programme enables mid-level, junior or aspiring Business Analysts to operate successfully in their multi-faceted role and provide them with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to influence successful change delivery.

The course duration is 18-months, consisting of in-person workshops, monthly coaching sessions and online learning through our Virtual Learning Environment and Learnflow.

Why Just IT?

Over the last 5 years, we have worked with 20% of all NHS trusts across the country, ranging from larger hospitals as well as smaller community-based healthcare trusts.

We have seen the challenges faced by the NHS, as well as some of the potential solutions. Our work has included supporting both the upskilling of existing staff, as well as sourcing new hires nationally across our range of digital pathways.

As the NHS continues to drive digital change, we are delighted to continue our partnership by supporting NHS organisations with the evolution of their services. As an approved provider of digital apprenticeships on the leading NHS procurement frameworks, there will be a straight-forward, quality-assured solution for you to work with us.

NHS Organisations we have Supported

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