5 Reasons People Decide on a Career Change

Changing careers is one of the best ways to get a fresh start. For starters we are spending more time at work than we are at home, so it’s important to be satisfied in what we do. Many people will make the conscious decision of getting a new job and starting out in a new industry. But what are their main reasons for it?

Not happy with their salary

Money is one of the biggest reasons people choose to leave; for not getting paid what they think they’re worth. According to a report from Adzuna in 2015, over half of Britain’s employees (52%) are unhappy with their salaries.

The job is stressing them out

The majority of jobs hold challenges that employees have to face in their role. That’s all well and good when you’re learning more and you can see your career development going somewhere, but what happens when you start to go home and can’t shift your work thoughts from your head? And what do you do once the irritability and frustration kicks in as soon as you walk through the office’s front doors? People leave when their roles are no longer good for their wellbeing. We don’t live to work after all.

Theyre not being appreciated or recognised enough

When we were in school, we used to feel good about ourselves when the teachers told us our work was well done and was used as an example to classmates on how to do a task. Well that feeling stays with us all the way through our working lives.

If we’re going to work and giving tasks our all and no credit is being given, we’re going to get fed up, right? Not everyone wants a promotion and more responsibility, but for those who are eager to keep on moving, some praise is often welcomed. If it’s not given, driven employees are likely to go seek it elsewhere.

They dont want micromanagement, they want flexibility

Everyone has different working styles, but employees who have no freedom to take control over their work can start to feel held down – limited in what they can do. Employees seek trust from their employers, and if that doesn’t exist with their current company, they may find somewhere else that can give them that opportunity.

They want different career opportunities given to them

When employees are given different career routes they could go down in the future, it gives them a goal to work towards. Aspirational employees who do not have that will start to feel like their current role is their be all and end all. That’s when they tend to leave.

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Did you Know?

Over half of Britain’s employees are not feeling satisfied in their careers. Adzuna gave their report on which sectors employees were the happiest and unhappiest.

Most unhappy – 65% of people who are retail staff and lawyers

Unhappy – Accountants and financiers are unhappy despite their over-average salaries

Happy – Sales consultants

Happiest – Technology and Manufacturing sectors

With the 5 reasons listed, Technology and Manufacturing sectors are the happiest as they’re paid well, they’re known as the ‘go to’ people in the workplace, their challenges at work are worth the stress, and they have many career opportunities available to them.

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