5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Career in IT Security

IT Security is now one of the most popular career choices in the industry. After a number of high-profile security breaches, including Talk-Talk and more recently the NHS, there is a higher demand for IT Security experts than ever before. Many of our students from the Network Professional Programme move on to become IT Security professionals, but is it really a field worth getting into? In this article, we explore why IT Security is a great career choice.

1. Companies have started to take IT Security very seriously 

It’s no secret that there have been more cases over the past few years of companies being hacked and having their data stolen, which has left them in a difficult situation afterwards. The NHS recently fell victim to a ransomware attack that ultimately infected more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries. Hackers are clever, and although our technology is more advanced than it ever has been before, these individuals are always adapting new methods of attack. Hence the constant demand for professionals in this area.

To demonstrate how advanced hacking has become over the years, consider what happened with the company TalkTalk back in October 2015. Teenage hackers stole over 20,000 customer details from the company, and even though they were caught, TalkTalk was left with a bill of £25m due to the millions which were swiped off the share price. If that wasn’t enough they were then fined £400,000 by the Information Commissioners Office for breaching the data protection act.

2. IT Security is where the money is 

IT Security requires a lot of technical expertise, and there is a huge demand for IT professionals that companies can rely on to take care of all their data. This industry is one of the best paid due to the lack of qualified professionals.

Information Security Analyst – £40K – £60K 

Security Engineer – £42K – £65K 

Security Architect – £65K – £90K 

For someone looking to break into the industry, the investment in qualifications and experience would pay off, albeit with some patience.

3. Lots of specialities to choose from 

If it’s cryptography or writing IT policies and procedures, there are lots of specialities in the industry someone could choose from.

This means there is the option to specialising in one area or focus on several. The industry prevents a lot of diverse challenges and hurdles, which keeps the role exciting and makes no two days the same.

4. Unemployment would never be your worry 

Hackers will always exist and will always be thinking of new ways to access data and steal money. As the number of high profile hacks continues to grow, all available evidence points toward cyber-security being a persistent threat for companies moving forward. But Web Developers will always be needed too, as employers will always be looking for people who can keep their data and infrastructure safe. Not only do IT professionals have no problem seeking new work, but they’re also known for being headhunted regularly.

5. Interacting with everyone in the company 

IT Security is not a lonely profession. You will be interacting with people from many departments, and providing a service that impacts the entire company. You will get more insight into the business, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to those around you. Throughout your career you will meet many other professionals, who might just lead you to your next IT Security role.

If you’re interested in starting a career in IT, then we can help. Our Networking and Developer Programmes can provide you with the qualifications and experience tokick-start your career. For more information, visit our Individual Training Webpage or give us a call on 020 7426 9835.