Apprentice of the Month: February 2019

Just IT Apprentice of the Month

We would like to thank of all of our Apprentices this month for the hard work and effort they have put into the programme so far. We have received the nominations from our business coaches and we have 4 winners!


Darnell Moore @ Google – Infrastructure Technician Apprentice

Just recently, Darnell has become one of our model apprentices by buckling down and being one of the first to pass their 901 CompTIA exams in his group. He has also taken point with another apprentice on the set up and delivery of our onboarding process for other Google apprentices. This was crucial as it helped the engineers to be able to streamline the process. Darnell is great with the new people in helping them answer any questions they may have, whether technical or just general questions about processes. We are very much looking forward to seeing Darnell grow even more this year and we are very proud!

Pawel Szulga @ University of Arts London – Infrastructure Technician Apprentice

The pace of Pawel’s work towards his apprenticeship is absolutely phenomenal! Pawel is 3.5 months into his Infrastructure Technician programme and has already commenced working on 5 out of 9 of the Technical Competencies criteria and passed one Knowledge Module. His business coach has noted the quality of the work is excellent and constantly communicates with Just IT staff when he’s about to finish one criteria and move onto the next one. Nice one Pawel!

Emma Crook @ Google – Infrastructure Technician Apprentice

Emma has been very positive and proactive with her portfolio work, alongside being enthusiastic and hardworking in the workplace. She has also recently passed her 901 exam, all through self-learning removing the need of classroom-based training. Amazing Emma!

Stefan Treloar @ IG index – Operational Departmental Manager

Stefan is one of our first level 5 management achievers, passing with an excellent merit grade. Not only did he work tirelessly through the qualification managing to finish early, but he also for acted as a support for the remainder of his colleagues who are yet to go through the EPA. Fantastic job Stefan!