Apprentice of the Month: July 2017

Just IT Apprentice of the Month

We would like to thank of all of our Apprentices this month for the hard work and effort they have put into the programme so far. We have received the nominations from our Assessors and for a Just IT first…. we have 3 winners!


Louie Sawyer  @ Allwite Systems LTD

Louie has pushed himself very hard and passed/completed 6 knowledge units – 401, 403, 408 (Distinction) and 420 (Merit), 413, 417 and competence unit 405 IN JULY alone! Very impressive performance by all standards.

In fact, since Louie has impressed so much, he is seen as a potential candidate for the JustIT Year 2018 Awards!

Anisa Shaikhil @ Caterham High School

Anisa has made a big impact on her employer’s IT department and has constantly been provided good feedback from her employer and assessors. She is seen as extremely dedicated, being one of the first batch of Apprentices who sat their knowledge modules and has recently completed two projects to a high standard. Nice job Anisa!

Thahera Ahmed @ Merton Council

Thahera has impressed her assessors by showing the boys in the group that IT is gender neutral. She also regularly contributes to discussions and is seen as an exceptional Apprentice. Fantastic!