Friends going to university and you’re not? Don’t feel left out

It can be hard choosing not to go to university when all of your friends will be going this year. With all the talks in schools and colleges and the university fairs to help you find the right one, you may be questioning where this is going to lead your future career. Some say that university means that you will get a good job, and if you have been reading a lot of articles online, you will see how they mention the ‘wage gap’, the difference in pay between a graduate and non-graduate which isn’t exactly true.

Hundreds of students choose to do an Apprenticeship instead of working towards a degree. Here are the main reasons why:

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You can earn and learn 

While there has been stereotypical talk of Apprenticeships being good for only those who did not have the grades to get into university, this is not the slightest bit true. The Apprenticeship programme is for people who want to gain hands-on experience in an industry instead of studying it theoretically. Everyone has to start from the bottom, and that’s what graduates would be doing later on compared to you who would be doing it now.

If you have been looking to enter the IT and Digital industry, the Apprenticeship programme would allow you to start spending the next 3-4 years learning the basics, building your work ethics and advancing your skills. By the time your friends finish university, you would have already learnt the fundamentals of the industry and would be considered a professional. An Apprentice can start earning £10K as soon as they start the scheme, but the money will only go up from there.

There are great quality jobs available for Apprentices too 

Many people will assume that to work for the best companies in London you will need a degree. This is not true. Whilst a lot of large employers across the city will have their own graduate schemes, so will they Apprenticeships. You only have to look at firms such as BT, PWC, JP Morgan, BBC and many more who all take on Apprentices.

Lots of employers from small to large are on the look-out for fresh new talent. They’re eager to take on Apprentices because of the value they add to a workplace. Apprentices have the enthusiasm and energy to learn and grow within a company. Over 90% of young adults at Just IT are offered permanent full time positions from their employers once they have completed the programme.

Student debt is no longer worth it 

For industries where you need to know everything by the book such as a doctor or vet, then yes it will be worth the price. It’s a cost that comes with your dream career. But for industries such as IT and Digital, you do not need to take out a loan to attend lectures and complete coursework for the next 3-4 years. The best way to keep up with the market is to be taught by an employer to help upskill yourself – their training will be a lot different to university. As for Digital Marketing, does the creativity need to be expressed via a degree? Of course not! If you have the passion, a marketing campaign using blogs, videos or social media will come as a natural interest, and you will be enthusiastic to learn more about it. The best way to gain knowledge is to experience the area.

Work experience adds appeal to a CV 

When you are still in school and looking for a part time job, where there is no experience, qualifications will always be listed at the top. As you move along in an actual career, your list of skills, abilities and experiences will lengthen. Most graduates will have their degree stated at the top because that’s the most relevant thing they have got within the industry they’re entering. But for an Apprentice, you would have spent an entire year strengthening your skill set, and if you were to choose another job, that would be the first thing to attract an employer.

Get in while you can. The job market is too competitive nowadays 

Starting an Apprenticeship means starting your career, and this will get your foot in the door to help stop you struggling to find work in a good industry. There are loads of graduates who come out of university with a fresh degree in their hand, and after spending loads of money, you would think a job would be naturally guaranteed for them – sadly not.  It’s no longer uncommon for graduates to end up working in a role which doesn’t pay as expected.

If you’re looking to join an IT and Digital Apprenticeship, you can join one of our pathways today. Give us a call on 020 7426 9835 to speak with one of our consultants, or find out further details by visiting here.