Charity Gardening Day With Ambitious About Autism

Last month, several members of the Just IT team volunteered with our company charity Ambitious About Autism.

Here at Just IT we offer staff paid charity volunteering days, to give them a chance to support charities without missing out on wages. This is all part of our commitment to doing good as a company, and is a benefit that staff enjoying making the most of.

The weather was perfect for the occasion, with the sun returning after several days of heavy rain.

The team all gathered at Kew Gardens in the morning ready for a hard day’s work tidying up and preparing Ambitious About Autism’s communal space. This communal space is to be used and maintained by pupils from Ambitious’ Treehouse School. Kew Gardens also provided wild flower seeds for the pupils to plant at the end of the day.

The team helped to dismantle piles of wood and trimmings, removed an area of nettles, pulled out patches of brambles, weeded raised beds, dug over the raised beds, cleared the crab apple trees, cleared the raspberry cane area and planted new raspberry canes.

The Just IT team enjoyed the experience, and gave great feedback from the day;

“I think it was a very productive day as it not only helped the charity, but also helped the staff at Just IT to bond and better strengthen relationships.” – Mirela

“It was hard work with lots of digging, but so good to be out on a lovely sunny day getting some exercise. It made a great bonding day for teams that don’t want to go to the pub!” – Lynda

It was a great opportunity for the team to give something back and get some exercise in the nice weather, all while learning more about the work done by Ambitious About Autism. We look forward to the next opportunity to work with our company Ambitious About Autism on future projects.