Just IT helping to fight homelessness

Just IT is delighted to be supporting St Mungo’s, a charity helping people experiencing homelessness.

St Mungo’s began helping people sleeping rough on the streets of London in 1969. Over 50 years later, they are still working tirelessly to support people getting back into jobs, off the streets and allowing them to reach their potential. 

At the heart of St Mungo’s is their commitment to empowering individuals, to support people in their recovery journey and to prevent homelessness in the future. They do this through several support services, from Outreach – teams that go out onto the streets across London and the south looking for homeless people, through to Accommodation – offering homeless people a safe place to stay. 

By supporting St Mungo’s Just IT is proud to help them reach more homeless people and deliver more life-changing results, with nearly 30, 000 receiving support in 2018-19. 

in recent years, rough sleeping has reached crisis level. St Mungo’s say thank you for supporting their cause.

Just IT will be organising a number of events over the year, where we hope to raise money for St Mungo’s helping them on their mission.

If you would like to learn more about St Mungo’s then please visit:  https://www.mungos.org/