Tech Corner: Top 5 Replacement Earphones

Whether you’re walking the dog or on the train to work, earphones have become a staple of most people’s days. While most are happy to stick with what came bundled into their phone box with the charger and 20 pages of instructions never read, you can in fact do better without breaking the bank.

So listen up, for this month’s ‘Tech Corner’ we’ve got a run-down of 5 of the best earphones you can pack up and take with you.

5- Monoprice Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earphones

For those just looking to replace a broken or lost pair, but not wanting to invest hugely in their earphones, this offering from Monoprice ticks all boxes. Available for anywhere between £10-15, these in-ears offer a strong bass presence and a choice of silver or black. These are a far cry from the sound quality of some others on this list, but for the price, who’s complaining?

4- TFZ Series 1

For those not looking to break the bank, these in-ears can offer a good upgrade from stock earphones. While some reviews say they’re slightly lacking in the higher frequencies, they more than make up for it with a bassy punch. If your tastes align with bass-heavy music, then these are for you. They also come with over-ear brackets to run the wire through, making them a viable earphone for working out. They can be picked up for around £35 – a great choice for those who don’t want to risk too much of their hard-earned cash!

3- Shure SE215-K-E

If noise isolation is your priority, then the Shure SE215-K-E’s are ideal. These are the preferred headphones of many workers in the music industry for their warm sound and impressive isolation. The bass is strong without being overpowering, but it takes the right sized earbud to get the best performance. The only complaint to be made of these earphones is that they’re a little pricey at £85, but if you want to block out the sound around you on the train, you might find them worth it.

2- Zipbuds SLIDE Sport Earbuds with Mic

The Zipbuds come in several bright and slightly lairy colours with the default being white and emerald. However, the Zipbuds have one crucial feature – an in-line microphone. This is a staple for many earphone users but has been largely neglected by other mentions on this list in favour of sound quality. The price sits a little high at £60, but this is redeemed by the impressive build standard.

The wires are reinforced to help them last workouts, and they come with a range of earbuds for the perfect fit. While not the prettiest earphones on this list, they offer a great sound quality, microphone, and the promise of durability. So if you’re sick of replacing broken earphones, these are for you.

1- RHA MA750’s

These in-ears offer impressive sound without a hefty price, and look the part with a high-end stainless steel finish. Above all for small earphones, they’re very comfortable for longer listening. They come with a variety of different sized earbuds for every user, as well as a travel case to keep them safe in transit.

For anyone looking to upgrade from their stock earphones, these are an extremely safe bet. The price is on the higher end of this list, coming it at £79.95, but with a glowing list of reviews and a box full of accessories, this is a small amount to pay for a great pair of earphones.

Well you now know our Top 5 replacement earphones that you can use on the go. Have we missed your favourites? Drop us a comment in the box below!