Women in Cybersecurity


Just IT and PGI Getting Women into Cyber

Only 11% of the world’s information security workforce are women, according to the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC). In the UK the figure is even lower, with the recent Women in Cybersecurity report finding that women made up just 8% of cybersecurity professionals.

The government has begun to take action, setting up the Cyber Security Skills Strategy, but this doesn’t address the lack of women in the sector. It’s no longer a simple matter of increasing workforce diversity, but with such an immense demand for cybersecurity professionals, it’s now become an issue of economic and national security.

This disparity represents a real opportunity for women with an interest in a cybersecurity career, and for organisations looking to plug their skills gaps. But how can interested organisations get started?

Women in Cyber Programme

PGI’s Women in Cyber Programme aims to increase diversity and address the cyber talent shortage in the UK. PGI is looking for progressive employers to be part of the Programme, by committing to recruit the final candidates who’ve already successfully completed assessment who are ready for interviews.

Cyber training is often too expensive, ineffective or too generic that business functional outcomes are not met with appropriate learning objectives. PGI’s Women in Cyber programme helps to address these barriers for organisations looking to protect themselves or their clients more effectively.

Women in Cyber is a Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) sponsored initiative and PGI’s 12-week training and mentoring programme converts suitable candidates into entry-level cybersecurity professionals, with employment guaranteed before training starts.

Because these candidates have strong previous work experience and will have undertaken practical, industry-standard and accredited training from PGI’s cyber and information security experts, they will add significant value to operational or consultative teams immediately. This means that the organisations employing these candidates reap a huge range of benefits including saving money on recruitment, salaries, training and qualifications whilst improving staff retention and fulfilling current skills or knowledge gaps.

Getting Women into Cyber Webinar

On 5th December,  Just IT and Macfarlanes LLP will be hosting an event for young women looking towards a career in Tech. Featuring an overview of the IT Sector from Kerry Angel, Service Delivery Manager at Macfarlanes LLP, and a panel discussion with inspirational female managers from leading employers, this event is a great opportunity for women aged 15-18 to find out how to launch their tech careers. To sign up to our free Women in Tech event, signup on our Eventbrite page.