Data Analyst Business Coach

Just IT is about making careers happen. As a national multi award-winning company operating for over 20 years, we support learners through our unique offering of Apprenticeships, Recruitment and Training services. 

Having been acquired by The B2W Group in 2022, the leading national adult learning and pre-employment training provider, we are now a group with social impact at its heart, enabling us to reach more learners, and improve communities by putting people at the heart of everything we do. Our unique offering allows us to support long term career development and relationships with learners and clients alike to create sustainable improvements in answering the digital skills gap. As a group we are now supporting the training and development of over 12,000 people per year. 

Our focus on service means we have a 91% employer satisfaction rating and 90% rate us good/excellent. Our service is reflected in our public persona, with a 4.8 Trustpilot rating and a 4.4 in Google My Business rating, and multiple national awards including FE Week Digital Apprenticeship Provider of the Year, CompTIA Apprenticeship Partner of the Year and Best Workplace for Women.

Our vision is to be the number 1 IT/Digital training and recruitment provider within 5 years by focussing on: innovating and engaging curriculum, delivery amongst the best in the sector, unrivalled service proposition and our brand synonymous with expertise, quality, and wellbeing. 

Position Overview    

You will be responsible for the support and development of apprentices through the Apprenticeship Standards, tracking their progression through the apprenticeship journey. You will work alongside the employer to develop the plans for how and when the on-programme and end-point assessments will be delivered and assess the apprentices progress towards the development of their knowledge, skills, and behaviours. The role will require you to adapt to different ways of working and establish individual learning needs and identify best practices and bring individualism and personality to a standardised course.

This role will entail predominantly one to one coaching with apprentices. Just IT and Skills Team have harnessed the latest technologies to provide a remote learning product that means our learners can benefit from all our training and development programmes wherever they are. We are currently delivering a remote model of learning; however, the role can also involve field work visiting the apprentices on their employment sites and getting to know the environment they are working in.


In common with all staff:

  • To support the JIT’s mission, vision, values, and strategic objectives
  • To implement JIT’s Equality and Diversity policies
  • To take responsibility for one’s own professional development and participate in relevant internal and external activities
  • To implement the JIT’s health and safety policies and practices
  • To contribute to JIT’s commitment to continuous improvement as identified in JITs quality assurance systems
  • To be committed to JITs safeguarding procedures and high priority to be given to the safeguarding of learners

Role Responsibilities:

  • Motivate and encourage learning and development in your learners
  • At the start of the apprenticeship, review the contents of the standard with the employer and apprentice and then negotiate and help to plan the projects and tasks that will be needed for the apprentice to meet the standard in full
  • Engage with the employer and apprentice on setting new targets and refining the project plans as the apprenticeship progresses
  • Recording and reporting on activity on the E-portfolio system Aptem
  • Provide a good level of feedback for the summative portfolio which meets Ofsted and the apprenticeship standards
  • Plan and deliver small micro teach sessions to help consolidate and fill any knowledge gaps the learner may have from workshop attendance
  • Advise the IQA when a project has been completed and is ready for quality assurance
  • Prepare the apprentice for their end-point assessment interview by asking regular appropriate questions that build on the skills as the apprentice progresses
  • Prepare the apprentice for their end-point assessment practical by observing demonstrations on the apprentices’ practical skills, which will expand during the apprenticeship
  • Embed Maths and English Functional skills into the coaching sessions
  • Deliver and embed where appropriate topics relating to Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Prevent, Equal Opportunities and other related Acts
  • Complete and distribute coaching reports and formal reviews as required during the apprenticeship
  • Coach apprentices in business skills by guiding, supporting, providing accountability and encouragement
  • To facilitate the enhancement of work performance, self-directed learning, and personal development
  • Challenge and develop apprentice’s skills and abilities to enable them to achieve the best performance results
  • Be quick to problem solve and produce solutions to any learning or development barriers to apprentices
  • Recording and reporting on activity to management in a timely and professional manner
  • Communicating with the Apprenticeship team/Career Support team on candidates for concern
  • Receiving and reviewing feedback from employers and/or learners
  • Briefing the candidate about the responsibilities, and behavioural practices within their role
  • Actively developing new initiatives and training methodologies to impact candidates learning
  • Ensuring that Just IT Training is perceived within the market as a high-quality provider of Apprenticeships solutions to both candidates and clients alike
  • Ensure best practices and be aware of Health and Safety, Safeguarding and Equal Opportunities and related Acts
  • Creating an engaging/interactive learning environment which caters to various learning styles
  • Be able to adapt a training to an online learning environment
  • Understand the development and implementation of lesson plans and schemes of work
  • Be able to maintain current and relevant curriculum content through regular reviews of your training slides, including development and maintenance of learning resources
  • Actively developing new initiatives and training methodologies to impact candidates learning
  • Developing effective training plans to establish the needs of both the employer and Apprentice
  • Ensuring that Just IT Training is perceived within the market as a high-quality provider of Apprenticeships solutions to both candidates and clients alike

Candidate Requirements  

  • Direct experience of supporting and coaching learners within Apprenticeships is desirable
  • Highly motivated, persuasive, persistent, and patient
  • Be professional, have a mature personality and be able to gain people’s confidence and put them at ease
  • Experience in developing learner progression through a series of learning stages
  • Team player – willing to contribute to the business unit and not solely focused on their own personal goals
  • This role is heavily focussed on training, assessment, reporting and development. The ability to provide effective feedback is essential
  • Excellent communicator
  • Good initiative
  • Have good administrative skills, be flexible, adaptable and be able to cope under pressure

Key Technical Skills

  • Experience in a Data related role for a minimum of 1 year is essential or any other relevant industry experience
  • Experience in learner/employee development is desirable
  • Relevant qualifications in Data are desirable, ideally at degree level
  • Knowledge and experience of using either SQL, Python or R is essential

Key Measurables

  • Timely Achievement
  • Retention
  • OOF (Out Of Funding)
  • Cognassist support

Equal Opportunities 

 Just IT is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to recruiting, appointing, and employing staff in accordance with all relevant legislation and best practice (Equalities Act 2010). Job vacancies are advertised online to ensure they are accessible to all members of the community. The recruitment and selection process is applied fairly and consistently to everyone applying for positions within Just IT. 

Any feedback on our approach to hiring is always welcome, please feel free to email our Chief Information Officer at  

This job description describes (but does not limit) the main duties and responsibilities expected to be undertaken by the employee. This is subject to change and variation by Just IT as is necessary to respond to the needs of the business. 

All roles at Just IT are subject to DBS Checks as part of our safer recruitment process and ongoing commitment to safeguarding all staff and learners in the business.

Salary:£43,000 – £55,000

Reference: JW285