Our Services Delivered Virtually

We have harnesed the latest technologies to provide a range of remote delivery facilities for our clients. This means employers are constantly in touch with the progress of their apprentices, confident they are progressing well with their development.

Online Coaching

We have great coaches with years of experience in delivering the most relevant and useful information to support our learner in achieving their goals.

Now, through remote access technologies like Microsoft Teams, learners can see, hear and collaborate with their apprenticeship Business Coach. This access allows learners to ask questions and receive bespoke support relevant to the stage they are at on their programme.

This collaborative and interactive approach adds value to learning experience and is now offered in a fully online environment.

Remote Training Delivery

Classroom teach sessions are delivered remotely through a fully integrated virtual classroom experience.

Powered by the latest online learning platforms, such as GoToTraining, learners connect directly to training sessions, able to view presentations and demonstrations in real-time.

Where the course requires learners to complete practical exercises on specialist software/environments, we have enabled software (Citrix GoToMyPC) across our training centre to allow completion of practicals on high-spec machines.

Effective Programme Delivery

Our remote delivery capabilities means learners have easy access to all their course materials and training sessions, and employers have full line of sight of their progress.

Flexible access to trainers & coaches

Online delivery means our trainers offer multiple ways for learner to contact them, even after hours. So, between email, live chat and face-time there are always opportunities to get feedback.

This level of access is available to employers, who will be able to have regular feedback sessions with Business Coaches and ask all the questions they have about the programme in interactive forums.

Stay connected

We have Learner Management Systems designed to deliver the best online learning and give key feedback to coaches and employers on how the learner is progressing.

There is always-on access for learners and employers to course information and progress dashboards, so both parties can stay fully connected with the apprenticeship programme.

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