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Level 3 Apprenticeship

Developing your management staff

Team Leaders/Supervisors operate in a first line management role, providing direction to a team or project to ensure that organisational goals are achieved. They may also be involved in planning and monitoring workloads and resources, delivering operational plans, resolving problems, building internal and external relationships, and supporting, managing and developing team members or a blend of all/some of the above.

If you have a new manager within your organisation or are looking to promote an employee into management, our Team Leader apprenticeship is right for you. It covers the foundations of leadership and line management, providing your staff with the knowledge and confidence to excel in their role.

Our apprenticeship programme

Over the course of this 16-month apprenticeship, your Team Leaders will cover a broad variety of topics aimed at enhancing their performance and your organisation. These range from personal effectiveness to change and project management to building successful business relationships, with many more.

A blend of in-person workshops and online learning, through live webinars and our Virtual Learning Environment, provide your staff with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to excel in their role, whatever industry your organisation falls under. This learning is complemented by the monthly 1-2-1 coaching sessions (including focused tutorials on specific areas of leadership and management), which contextualise the learning to your company.

If you provide 10 or more Team Leaders at one time, we will run the training on your site if this is preferable. For smaller groups or single learners, training will take place online using our remote learning delivery platform, or at our fully-equipped centre in London.

Employers we have delivered this apprenticeship with

  • Local government including London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and Surrey County Council
  • NHS organisations including University College London Hospitals, London Ambulance Service and Moorfields Eye Hospital
  • Private-sector employers including IG Group, Sandals Resorts, CRU International and Travers Smith LLP

I think it’s great how much support you receive on the programme. University is nothing compared to real work experience. Technology is moving fast, and by the time of graduation, knowledge will most probably be outdated.

Kierrah Apprentice

An Apprenticeship was the better option for me and got me into the IT industry. I have a broad range of responsibilities now, and being able to use programming languages fluently is fantastic. It’s fun, creative and I now see myself as a Project Manager.

Wayne Donaghy Former Apprentice

I have been learning every step of the way. The experiences I got were crazy, I worked alongside Virgin Media and helped create designs for them. It has definitely given me the confidence to believe in my work.

Stefan Nicotra Apprentice @ Squawka
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