Delivering Innovative Apprenticeships with Aptem

As a tech training provider, Just IT is always looking to improve and optimise how we meet the needs of employers and learners. We have recently evolved how our apprenticeship programmes are accessed by utilising Aptem in our apprenticeship delivery.

Aptem is a complete end-to-end learning delivery platform, designed to support employers and apprentices through their learning journey. The platform offers a number of features that will improve access, including remote mobile access for eLearning and webinars.

The Aptem platform is now embedded across all our apprenticeship programmes – improving the service we offer employers and learners.

Why we chose Aptem

After significant changes to the way we all do business in the wake of Covid-19, we felt that it was more important than ever to adopt a remote delivery model, to make managing apprenticeships easier than ever for our clients.

Sam Tobin, Service Delivery Manager at Just IT describes why we chose the platform “The Aptem platform is essentially our customers’ experience of Just IT, so it was essential that we selected a platform that felt like an extension of our brand”. 

Through Aptem, we’ve been able to streamline administrative tasks including compliance and review meetings – giving us more time to improve and evolve the apprenticeships we deliver. In addition, the ability to create insightful and easy to understand reports for our employers and their learners is one of our key goals. 

View of the Aptem Dashboard on a laptop.

How Aptem benefits our employers & learners

As well as a streamlined remote onboarding process, the platform also offers our employers the ability to customise individual learner journeys, whilst knowing that these still meet the requirements of regulatory bodies. This means that you can tailor training to the learners role, without any doubt about meeting the core requirements of their apprenticeship standard.

Aptem also offers instant notification of any actions employers are required to complete, ensuring that there’s no delay in essential compliance and administration.

For our learners, most of whom were transitioning to remote delivery, we felt it important that they had a single point of access to the resources they needed. As well as improvements to onboarding and interaction with their employer, the platform supports a blended learning environment, including eLearning and webinars. This means that you can spend less time worrying about managing learning time around your role, and more time accessing all the tools you’ll need to learn remotely, on your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

By making the most of Aptem to streamline our service delivery, we’re looking forward to the future of our apprenticeship offerings. Robyn Harley, MIS and Funding director at Just IT looks toward potential improvements “We want to build in added value bespoke sessions for learners, that aren’t necessarily covered by the standard, as well as initial assessments for our learners to judge their suitability for different programmes”. 

To find out more about how Aptem is helping to make our apprenticeship delivery better than ever, download the Aptem Employer guide.

To find out more about how we use Aptem to support our learners and employers, watch our free webinar “Effective Remote Learning”.