ICT Level 3

Our Level 3 Information Communications Technician Apprenticeship will help your organisation keep up with the fast-moving world of IT.

All organisations need the skills, infrastructure and strategy to build an effective IT team. Our nationwide Information Communications Technician programme focuses on teaching the latest approach, systems and techniques in IT.

Information Communications Technicians provide technical support to internal and external customers, helping them to be productive in using technology to do their jobs effectively. This includes troubleshooting and solving non-routine problems, as well as supporting users remotely and face-to-face.

Our Apprenticeship Programme

Our intensive programme builds the foundations to become an ICT professional. Over 22 days of training, learners are provided with critical skills including business processes, network essentials, troubleshooting, cloud services, cyber security and coding, assessed through a portfolio review and End Point Assessment. Apprentices apply their learning throughout the programme, resulting in immediate value for your organisation.

The course duration is 17 months, consisting of trainer-led technical workshops, monthly coaching sessions and online learning through our remote learning delivery platform.

Why Just IT?

Over the last 5 years, we have worked with 20% of all NHS trusts across the country, ranging from larger hospitals as well as smaller community-based healthcare trusts.

We have seen the challenges faced by the NHS, as well as some of the potential solutions. Our work has included supporting both the upskilling of existing staff, as well as sourcing new hires nationally across our range of digital pathways.

As the NHS continues to drive digital change, we are delighted to continue our partnership by supporting NHS organisations with the evolution of their services. As an approved provider of digital apprenticeships on the leading NHS procurement frameworks, there will be a straight-forward, quality-assured solution for you to work with us.

NHS Organisations we have Supported

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