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All of our IT training programmes combine the latest technologies with valuable career support to give you the full job-ready package, offered with an £18-28k job guarantee or your money back. If you’re not sure which course is right for you, fill in the form below and we’ll give you a call to find out where your talents will be best placed.

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Which Career Path?

Developers Programme

With A Job Guarantee

Learn sought after coding languages and specialise in the technologies you love. You’ll build an awesome portfolio to showcase your new skills and land a Web Developer, Software Developer or App Developer job.

IT Training & Apprenticeships – Just IT


  • Build A Portfolio
  • Career Support
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Open Source
  • Visual C#
  • JavaScript
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Search Sessions



  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • HTML Developer
  • Java Developer

There are hundreds of different job roles within the development industry. Which one is right for you depends entirely on which coding languages you want to work with.

You might be a design-focused individual, meaning front-end development will be right up your street.

Those with a one-track technical mind may want to focus on getting their head around all the latest coding languages. Ultimately, development is a rewarding career in which you’ll get to see your creations come to life.


The Sky Is The Limit When It Comes To Your Web Or Software Development Career

Whether you want to flex your creative muscles at a small start-up or become the technical lead in a bustling development team, you can take ownership of your career.

Talented senior developers are always in demand, and keeping your technical skills brushed up could see you landing a £60k salary in a matter of years.

With development skills under your belt you have the freedom to bring any idea or project to life, without having to rely on others to do the technical work for you.

Example job progression:

Network Professional And Technical Support Programmes

With A Job Guarantee

We offer two courses which teach the technical knowledge needed to wow IT hiring managers. Our Network Professional Programme and Technical Support Course provide the sought-after skills needed to thrive in the fast-moving tech industry. From IT Support, to Network Engineering and Cyber Security, our courses have kick-started the IT careers for over 6000 students.

IT Training & Apprenticeships – Just IT


  • Microsoft Server 2016 Identity
  • Microsoft Windows
  • CompTIA A+ 1 & 2
  • Cisco CCNA
  • CV Advice
  • Career Support
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Search Sessions



  • 1st Line Support
  • Helpdesk Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Network Engineer

Almost every business in the UK requires IT support in some form, and the industry is desperately short of trained, skilled candidates.

In a technical support role you’ll be responding to queries from customers and clients, solving a wide range of technical problems and IT security issues using various technologies.

Most IT roles encompass a wide range of duties – so no two days are exactly the same.


The Potential For Progression In Support & Networking Is Unrivalled.

When it comes to moving on to your next role your Career Support Advisor and Just IT Recruitment will be there every step of the way.

Our Network Professional Programme will set you on the right path to build your career in Networking, whereas our Technical Support Course will provide all the skills you need to provide time-critical IT support.

Once you’re established in your career, you can make the decision whether to progress by specialising in a hands-on technical route, or to move on to managing other IT professionals. Our previous students have moved into roles including Network Engineer, Network Architect, Technical Support and Cyber Security.

Example job progression:

Where Do I Start? – Get Free IT Career Advice From Just IT

Struggling to decide which IT career path would be suitable? Not sure which IT jobs are relevant to you or your current qualifications? Need advice about how to get further qualifications or enter the IT Industry as a career-changer?

At Just IT we’ve supported over 6000 candidates into their IT careers. We have coached and advised many of our candidates into entry-level and senior IT jobs.

If you are unsure on what path way will be suitable for you, don’t worry! We offer a number of options to help and advise you.

Free IT Career Days & Seminars

We run regular IT Career Days and Seminars to provide practical information about how to start your career in IT. It’s also a great opportunity for you to visit our offices, find out more information about Just IT, our recruitment team, our employers and the training programmes that we offer with a money-back job guarantee.

One to One CV & Career Advice

If you already have an idea of which IT career path you wish to take but are unsure how to get started, our free face-to-face consultations are offered to help you take the first steps towards starting your career. Whether you have a lack of relevant IT experience or are just struggling to find the right opportunity, our consultants are able to offer you advice about what to do with no obligation.

To sign up, or for more information, call our team on 020 7426 9835 or apply above. If possible, please provide us with your CV so we can offer you tailored and specific advice.

Stories From Our Course Graduates

See where our former students are today

Our Job Guarantee

How does the job guarantee work?

Once you have successfully applied to one of our IT training courses you’ll receive your legally binding job guarantee or your money back, subject to you achieving your certifications.

If you don’t achieve an IT job offer of £18-28K within 90 days of completing your training course, we will refund you £500 per month until your training fees are paid back. The repayments will stop immediately once you have landed an IT job.

How long does it take to get a job?

This depends on what style of learning you choose to undertake; full time or via our Connected learning. In either case, once you have passed the exams you will work with our career support team to achieve your first role. If you still need a little more hands-on experience then we can arrange a work placement at an IT employer.

What’s the average starting salary?

The average starting salary is between £21K – £23K. The highest we have offered to our graduates was £33K.

Valuable Career Support

Becoming a success in the IT industry is about much more than just technical skills. Employers are looking for candidates who are confident and have strong soft skills including communication, team working, and problem solving.

While you are working with our technical trainers on your certifications, our Career Support team and Recruitment Consultants will be preparing you to go into the job market with confidence. They will help you through the first stages of getting into IT employment and help you nail those interviews and get your 90 second pitches to perfection.

Our teams work with hundreds of brilliant companies looking to snap up the top IT talent. From small tech start-ups to huge corporations, we’ll help you find the best employment opportunity for you.

Our promise to you is career support for life. Even after you have earned your first role in IT, our Alumni team will keep in touch to support you in every stage of your career.

IT Training & Apprenticeships – Just IT

Intensive CV Workshops

Interview Advice

Motivation And Confidence Building Sessions

Job Searching Skills

One-To-One Career Consultations