Why we all need Software Developers

Software is in practically every area of our lives. Our phones, our cars, even our kitchen appliances – all are controlled by software. For employers, and the economy at large, this means we need to keep producing skilled software developers.

In July, we talked about how being a software developer was a great career choice, because of how demand for developers is outstripping supply, leading to increased pay and career options for good developers. Recently we have revamped our Level 4 Software Developer apprenticeship in line with the needs of employers who are trying to bridge technical skills gaps in their teams.

Software Developers are more important than ever

When we look to products that shape our lives and the technologies that aim to improve them, we see a myriad of projects in front end, back end, mobile, IoT, VR/AR, and AI – everything is software.

Because code is so embedded in our personal and working lives, we’re exposed if it breaks. The UK saw a 140% increase in cyber-attacks in 2018, and according to research by Hiscox, more than half of British firms report cyber-attacks in 2019

Software developer apprenticeships

UK leading Europe for tech talent

The UK has developed into a talent-rich environment, with opportunities nationwide in the digital economy. Digital jobs and skills have underpinned the growth of the UK’s thriving tech sector, and in turn, is creating high-productivity jobs at scale. 

There are over 2 million people working in the UK digital tech sector, with tech a more significant employer than Hospitality (1.3m), Construction (1.9m) and Financial Services (1.2m). Despite the UK being a top destination for attracting global tech talent, we still see employers struggling to fill all their tech roles.

Will Brexit cause a shortage in Software Developers?

Research by software company Pivotal indicates shortages in sourcing software developers could be made worse by Brexit. UK businesses need to prepare themselves for a worsening software skills shortfall post-Brexit.

The study reveals that 66% of IT decision-makers think the UK is in danger of losing key software developer talent. 59% of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) forecast that difficulties in accessing expertise will hinder their organisations’ success following the UK’s exit from the EU.

This is also reflected in an increased move to in-house software development, with 93% of CIOs and 84% of IT decision-makers citing the ability to develop their own software as key to responding to Brexit uncertainty.

If you can’t hire them, you need to build them: contact our team to learn how you can attract and develop raw talent through our Software Developer apprenticeship.