Software Developer is a Great Career Path!

Approximately 21% of all jobs in Technology are for developers and demand is higher than supply. So, if you’ve got the skills and the passion, development is an excellent career choice. But what exactly makes for a good developer, what skills are required and how can you get started?

A Software Developer is a Problem Solver

If solving a problem makes you feel good, then you’re in luck! Much of the work you’ll be doing on projects will focus around solving a specific question, so for those that get their thrills from thinking around challenges, software development is a perfect fit. Typically working closely with business analysts, project managers and graphic designers, you’ll take the brief and turn it into a fully-fledged product, overcoming any issues that arise along the way.

From ensuring that a piece of software has the correct compatibilities, there is an infinite number of problems to solve in this sector. Additionally, each coding language has its quirks and limitations, so if you’re good at thinking outside the box, then you’re well on your way to becoming a Software Developer.

Software Developers are here to stay!

One of the most attractive aspects of a software development career is the job security. The increased reliance on digital technologies, coupled with a significant skills shortage in the tech sector means that software developers have comfortable employment opportunities – with the industry predicted to grow by 10.1% next year in the UK.

Software developers also tend to have more freedom to choose the type of sector they’ll work in – if financial systems aren’t your cup of tea, you can shift towards the healthcare sector. If neither of these sounds good, you can focus on the ever-growing world of app development.

Developers are team players

For many years, the common perception was that an IT career was best suited to people who prefer to work alone, or at most as part of small teams, but this is no longer the case.

Developers today work across many career styles; you could be a contractor working an established team, or work remotely, or you could collaborate on a daily basis, working with a team of varying skillsets towards a shared goal.

Demands for software means good pay for developers

The average salary for software developers in the UK is £39,155. These can increase substantially depending on your speciality, and seniority within an organisation. Many software developers enjoy the variety of work the role can bring, and with the average salary for contractors at £450 a day, taking on projects one at a time is a viable option.

How to get started as a Software Developer

Our Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship is the perfect launchpad for your career in development, combining practical training with on the job study. You’ll build the core technical competencies needed to be a Software Developer, as well as the essential portfolio of work that will help you gain the attention of employers.

You’ll gain on-the-job experience with one of our top London employers with typical roles including; Software Developer, Web Developer, Application Developer and Mobile App Developer.

This apprenticeship standard is developed to give you everything you’ll need for a successful and rewarding career in development. It comes with full career support, including interview preparation and professional CV advice to make sure you move straight into work – 86% of our apprentices go straight into employment.

To start your career as a Software Developer register using the form below, or call us today on 020 7426 9835.