Data Technician

Stanley @ Hampshire County Council

Stanley – Data Technician @ Hampshire County Council

“You are given the freedom to learn in your own way and interact with other learners on the course through workshops.”

What led you to do an apprenticeship?

I wanted to formalise and expand on the skills and knowledge in my role, particularly in regards to data analysis. I have always been driven to expand my education and this seemed like an ideal opportunity to take on alongside my job.

What goal were you trying to achieve?

My main goals have been to build skills and knowledge in data analysis to increase my opportunities. These would either to be involved in projects around this area, or potentially move beyond my administrator role and into a data specialist/junior analyst role.

What benefits did the apprenticeship offer over other upskilling and academic courses?

The apprenticeship is completed alongside my job role, meaning I can immediately integrate any learning into my day-to-day tasks and practice any new skills. I feel supported by my manager and organisation to complete the programme.

How does the programme blend learning with the role you have?

There is considerable overlap between my business as usual tasks and content covered in the programme, although it expands beyond this by incorporating theory and industry context. This gives me a wider perspective and deeper understanding of the tasks I regularly undertake. The learning also covers new subjects outside of my role such as SQL and Tableau, which I may have not had the opportunity to learn about before this.

What three things do you like about the programme?

  1. The programme provides appropriate resources and tools to approach my learning in a way that suits me.
  2. The breadth of content covered is wide and varied, giving me freedom on the types of project work I can include in my portfolio.
  3. There is a lot of support provided throughout the apprenticeship.

What are the main things you have achieved through the programmes?

  1. The programme has greatly increased my knowledge and skills in data analysis, improving how I handle tasks in my role.
  2. I have learnt about programming languages and software, such as SQL and Tableau, which I had not used previously.
  3. My time management skills have improved as I have been able to manage my apprenticeship hours around my role.

Would you recommend apprenticeships and why?

I would recommend apprenticeships as they are a great way to gain a deeper insight into an area related to your role, granting you more opportunities. You are given the freedom to learn in your own way and interact with other learners on the course through workshops.

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