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Funded Solutions


We offer Apprenticeships across a range of digital pathways which can be used both to hire new team members, or upskill your existing team.

As apprenticeships are financially supported by the government, they are a great way to reduce the cost of bringing in new talent to businesses. Additionally, there are no recruitment fees when matching a candidate with roles so companies can recruit the ideal candidate free of charge.

Digital Skills Bootcamps

We offer Skills Bootcamps across three pathways – IT Technician, Software Development and Data Technician.

Part of the government’s plan for jobs, Skills Bootcamps are an initiative to train thousands of people across the country, to fill the most in-demand skills that employers struggle to hire for. This solution is ideal for an organisation that needs access to a continuous talent pool.

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FAQ’s for Apprenticeships

1. Hiring Apprentices takes too long.

We use Assessment Days as an ultra-time-effective solution for any new hires. This will allow you to meet and interview our top candidates remotely or in person either as a group, or in back-to-back 1:1 interviews. Over the last 12-months this solution has a success rate of 93%, compared to the industry average of 20% for standard interview procedures.

2. External hires are higher quality than apprentices

We have years of experience finding the right type of candidate for the pathways we deliver. Our recruitment service is fast and free, and our reach into the community means we have access to a diverse range of skilled applicants who aren’t just seeking a job but are eager to build a career through our apprenticeships.

Our apprenticeships can be tailored to suit the needs of any organisation. We do this by contextualising the knowledge, skills and behaviours to match the workplace of the apprentice meaning any new starters will be immersed in your culture and working practices from day one.

3. Upskilling staff will lead them to further their career elsewhere.

The impact that workforce development has on retention is significant, with 94% of employees surveyed on LinkedIn stating they would stay with a company longer if offered training.

Apprenticeships present a fantastic opportunity to bolster your workforce development programme, using their learning directly in their current role. By building a career development framework supported by apprenticeship pathways, staff will see their future options with your organisation.

4. Training is expensive.

Formal IT or digital training and soft skills development sessions are included in the apprenticeship programme at no cost to you. Therefore, your training obligations are limited to any training you may wish to provide to help apprentices understand and grow in their role.

5. Retention is poor compared to other hiring methods.

Apprentices are keen to learn and build their digital skills. Therefore, the work you provide needs to complement their training and enable practical skill development. If an apprentice’s performance is poor, then you are not obliged to maintain employment – although it can be fruitful to work with our team to address any problems. Once the apprenticeship has finished there is also no obligation to offer a position – although over 75% of our clients decide that their apprentice would make a great permanent addition to the business.

6. Apprenticeship programmes can only be delivered locally.

Our learners benefit from always-on access to both our resources and training expertise. We have harnessed the latest technologies to provide a remote learning product that means learners can benefit from all our training and development programmes wherever they are.

We have great coaches with years of experience in delivering the most relevant and useful information to support people to achieve their goals. Now, through remote access technologies like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, learners can see, hear and collaborate with our apprenticeship Business Coaches. This gives them direct access to ask questions and receive bespoke support relevant to the stage of their programme. This collaborative and interactive approach adds value to the learning experience and is now offered in a fully online environment.

7. There is little support with hiring an apprentice.

We support employers from initial engagement right through to the end of the apprenticeship programme. Our dedicated Employer Relationship team will assist with the recruitment of your apprentice by hosting assessment days and managing the apprenticeship levy. Our Business Coaches form the bridge between the apprentice’s work and training obligations, while also supporting line managers by providing mentor training.

If your company is looking to hire an apprentice internally, we can assist with this by creating bespoke marketing campaigns appropriate to your requirements. Our marketing support includes; bespoke marketing collateral, roles advertised on our website and targeted promotion across our social media channels.

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