Apprentice of the Month: November 2017

We would like to thank of all of our Apprentices this month for the hard work and effort they have put into the programme so far. We have received the nominations from our Assessors and for a Christmas special…. we have 3 winners!


Marcel Trombitas @ Lighthouse IT – Infrastructure Technician

Marcel is always diligent, focused, and proactive with his training. He has consistently applied what he learns from his apprenticeship to his role as a technician, and brings what he has learnt from his problem solving tasks into the classroom.

Furthermore, he takes his training seriously, and is always keen to contribute his knowledge to the other learners.

Luke Palmer @ Metaphor IT – Infrastructure Technician

Luke has just entered month 9 of his apprenticeship and is in the process of completing his final two projects. He is very proactive, reliable and a pleasure to have on his assessor’s caseload.  His work is always of a high standard, and his managers have nothing but praise for him.

Robin Bradford @ Sainsburys – Software Developer

Robin went into EPA (End point assessment) in month 13 of his 24 month programme. He has been a credit to himself and his employer throughout the programme and has been a pleasure to work with.  He has his EPA interview remaining and we are expecting a great outcome from his apprenticeship.