Apprentice of the Month: September 2018

Just IT Apprentice of the Month

We would like to thank of all of our Apprentices this month for the hard work and effort they have put into the programme so far. We have received the nominations from our business coaches and for a Just IT first…. we have 4 winners!


Rebecca Watkins @ Sainsbury’s – Network Engineer Apprentice

Rebecca has passed her FS exams and her N+ exams in a short space of time, the most recent was her N+ (last week). Furthermore, her project work and diary entries are always on time and completed to a high standard.

Lusine Aslanyan @ Lloyds Banking Group – Project Management

Lusine has demonstrated consistent commitment towards the Functional Skills programme by completing all tasks, always requesting for additional resources and never missing a session.

Last week she passed maths level 2 and has recently she will be taking an English reading exam. She also exhibits positive attitude towards education and her polite and positive manner is second to none.

Aaron McPherson @ IDE Group

Aaron has struggled with maths throughout his apprenticeship and over the last couple of months he has completed extra training sessions and then attempted his exam.  Unfortunately he did not pass on that occasion, rather than letting it get on top of him he redoubled his efforts and went in for another full training session with us. Due to his hard work, we are pleased to say that he passed and can now go through for his End Point Assessment.

Sam Tobin @ Just IT – Associate Project Manager

Sam will be our first learner on this Standard and potentially one of the first in the country. She has had to deal with lots of changes due to being on the programme so early, alongside having to complete her portfolio to a tight deadline and booking her EPA before having her baby! Congratulations Sam!