Apprenticeships Key To Reducing Gender Pay Gap.

Apprenticeships Key To Reducing Gender Pay Gap.

If more women took up apprenticeships in male-orientated job sectors then the gender pay gap could be reduced. That is the conclusion of Demos, a leading cross-party thinktank.

Demos’ research found that sectors which attracted predominately male apprentices offered average salaries far in advance of sectors dominated by women. This was in keeping with traditional role thinking, with apprenticeships in higher paying sectors such as construction and engineering attracting men and apprenticeships in lower paying sectors such social care and childcare attracting women.

According to Demos, if uptake in Apprenticeships could be more even then the gender change in entry level positions could dramatically impact the future pay gap.

The IT Gender Gap

When it comes to IT recruitment and training, we also see far more enquiries from men rather than women. This is despite a clear demand from employers for more female IT staff.  However, at the Apprenticeship level, the difference is not so clear with many young women now looking at an IT or Social Media Apprenticeship as a very viable career path. This shift has been supported by our own work in schools to increase interest in IT careers amongst young women.

The earlier we can address and challenge traditional gender perceptions, the quicker the gender pay gap can be eliminated for good.

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