How to Start a Career in Cybersecurity

Cyber Security is one of the most popular career paths for those looking at an IT career. With an average salary of £62,500 for Cybersecurity roles, it’s easy to see why.

With a number of high-profile security breaches in recent years including Talk-Talk and even the NHS, the demand for cyber Security professionals is also at its peak. Like much of the IT sector, employers are struggling to fill a skills gap – some predict that there could be around 100,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the UK by 2022. This makes it clear that the demand for security professionals is exceeding the supply – meaning this is the perfect time to start making your career change

In addition to the considerable salary, a career in cyber security also gives job security, as well as a number of different pathways to specialise in. You could transition into Cryptography, Penetration Testing or even Forensic Computer Analysis. But before you become a Security specialist, you’ll need entry-level IT skills.

The starting point for a career in cybersecurity

Our Network Professional and Technical Support Programmes provide the perfect foundational skills for a career in Cyber Security. The programme will give you all the entry-level skills you’ll need to get started in 1st or 2nd Line Support role. From there you can develop your career, and as you gain more confidence and experience, further develop your knowledge with security-specific certifications such as CompTIA’s Security+.

In the clip below, Charles talks about how the Network Professional Programme was the perfect springboard into a career in Cyber Security.

CompTIA’s Security+ is a well-regarded certification in the sector, offering an introduction, and anyone that successfully signs up for our Network Professional or Technical Support Programme by November 31st 2019 will receive a free CompTIA Security+ Certification*. This will allow you to build your foundation in Networking or Technical Support, and upskill with the additional certification when you’re ready.

Typically our course graduates will work in 1st Line Support or a similar role for 2-3 years before upskilling and making the transition into a Cyber Security role, but this can vary depending on the individual. But like any career change – it all starts with that first step.

To find out how you can start your IT career in Technical Support, Networking or Development – visit our individual training page, get in touch with the team by emailing or by phone on 020 7426 9835.

*This offer does not include the Security + exam, which will incur additional charges.