TeenTech 2017 – London’s most inspiring Technology and Science event

A huge thank you to everyone that attended TeenTech 2017, London’s most inspiring Technology and Science event. Based at Emirates Stadium, the home of Arsenal Football Club, we joined scientists, technologists and over 1000 young people to share 2 days of challenges, whilst inspiring young minds about careers in science and technology.

At our stand, we amalgamated an unusual blend of retro gaming, new tech and fruit, by playing the classic video game Tetris with watermelons!

Aided by a circuit board that allows users to connect everyday objects to computer programmes, the connected watermelons were used as controllers to play the game.

Schools from throughout the country attempted to get the high score and an impressive effort from Horizon Community College saw them get 1000 points!

Easy to play. Impossible to put down!


We also had programmable robots, which were a hit for people of all ages. Controlled by iPad, guests pitted their robots against each other to ensure they were the last robot standing.

Warming up the robots


Of course, it wasn’t just all about watermelons and robots, TeenTech provided us a great opportunity to speak to young adults about careers in tech and digital. On arrival 72% of all students said they were ‘fairly or ‘very’ interested in a career in tech, increasing to 82% at the end of the day.

Overall, a fantastic two days and we are looking forward to next year’s TeenTech event.

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