Web Development Courses in London – Make 2018 A Year To Code

Software is now eating the world by automating a wide variety of routine jobs. We use technology every day and it’s becoming a fundamental digital literacy. Programming can improve your problem solving skills and if it’s something you have been interested in for a while now, 2018 could be the year for you with our Web Developer courses in London

Coding can take some time and dedication to learn. Technology is where the opportunities are; you are no longer confined to one route, the world is your oyster and you can take your technical skills along with you. Here are some reasons why you should make this your year of coding:

More flexible as it’s project based 

Development is an interesting career to work in with a lot of great prospects. For starters, the money in the industry is incredible. According to CW jobs, 57% of London based web developers are paid more than £50,000 a year and there are contracted positions that are boosted to £100,000 a year. It’s an attractive career path, especially if you have a creative mind and do not want to be doing exactly the same thing every day. That’s the advantage of development, you are often a part of projects and you have more flexibility as to how you are going to manage your work – you’ll have a deadline, but the process of seeing your work develop right until the finishing touch is what makes the job fantastic.

You can expand into other areas 

Technology is always changing which is what makes being a developer fascinating. In today’s market, there is a skills shortage for people in technology – this is why companies pay a higher rate because they want the best talent going. Once you have gained experience in one area, you can then expand your knowledge into another. For example, you can start creating mobile applications, or building websites which can access a different market entirely.

You can become a freelancer or be part of an organisation 

The career options are almost endless. Development is a fun learning process, you will go from learning the very basics to building your knowledge up, and if you put a lot of effort into skills development, then it will not take you long to move up the IT ladder. Once you have gained enough skills from an employer, you may decide that working in a company is just not for you. This is where freelancing comes into it; freelancers enjoy higher wages and more creative freedom. There is such a demand for their skills in today’s world that there will never usually be a shortage of work. Regardless whether you decide to stay working in a company or go out into the industry on your own, you will always be progressing your career.

It’s easy to make your side project dreams into a reality 

If you’re really interested in technology, then you probably have incredible ideas that you would like to act on. Start some web design courses in London, develop your knowledge and you can start pursuing your own ideas. Knowing how to build a website or a web app will be an incredible skill to have, and if you’re qualified, you won’t ever have to hire a developer. You can let your creative mind go wild and start building your own personal projects – you never know, you might develop the next big thing!

Become a part of the tech community 

The tech community is huge, and if you use it to your full potential it will be the perfect source of technical support. It’s a place where similar minded people come together and share ideas with each other and it’s the perfect opportunity to network. There are tons of online communities and great events that you can join, and it’s a great resource that you can gain a lot from. Not only will you benefit from shared ideas, but you’ll also have the chance to share your own.

Tech companies are great to work for 

Technology companies are full of constant growth and it’s an exciting place to work. they tend to be forward thinking companies that look after their employees with great working conditions. They are always on the lookout for new talent and its a great chance for aspiring developers to find their perfect role.

Development covers a whole range of businesses 

One of the best points about development is that you do not need to specifically choose which sector you would like to work in. This can be a hard decision when really thinking about it, especially when you have just recently finished your course and not too sure which sector interests you. In development you can work in any industry, from large media companies, financial firms to small start-ups. The size and sector range is your choice. Your skills can go anywhere, every employer will be looking for development talent which makes you a niche candidate that companies will want to retain.

Do these sound like amazing prospects to you? Learn to code in 13 weeks with a development job guarantee. Join our Web Developer courses in London today! Or call on 020 7426 9835 to speak with one of our career consultants.