What are the benefits of Learning a new skill at work?

It can be daunting to learn new skills within the workplace as your workload feels enough to focus on but it is so important to think about progression and how you can grow within your role. It has also been proven on a survey from LinkedIn that up to 94% of employees are more likely to stay in a job where they feel their personal and professional development is prioritised… so for employers this is something to prioritise within your teams.

When it comes to personal development and growth, there are many benefits of learning a new skill such as:

  • Increased confidence – Any course is daunting at first but overtime your confidence will grow in the area of study and you may even be able to teach your colleagues.
  • Better job opportunities – New skills learnt can be added to your CV
  • Improve performance – New skills such as project management will allow skills learnt to shine through your current workload and help with how you process information at work by making processes easier for yourself.
  • Improves your mental health – When you become a subject expert, it improves your self-esteem. Learning new skills helps you uncover unknown potential you never knew you had and this in turn, helps you find a passion you want to explore.
  • It helps reduce boredom/feeling as if you are not learning new things – It is easy to get wrapped up in your role and get involved in the same tasks day in day out, but when you learn a new skill it becomes exciting and you want to develop further.

Where should I look if I am wanting to explore a new skill?

You can learn new skills and develop your current skillset in many ways such as:

  1. Online Courses – There are many websites out there with free courses that allows you to explore areas of learning that appeal to you, such as Digital Marketing through Udemy or
  2. Apprenticeships – Apprenticeships are roles where you earn whilst you learn a new skill over a certain period of time, this is a great way to gain office experience whilst learning new skills. Some Apprenticeships can also be done alongside your full-time role.
  3. Training courses for your team – There are many group training courses available to upskill your team in areas such as Prince 2 or Microsoft Excel.

If you would like to discuss an Apprenticeship opportunity with us or some training for your team please reach out to us at hello@justit.co.uk.

Maybe you are looking for a brand new role/want to explore a new career through a full-time course. We have 12-week Skills Bootcamp opportunities available if you would like to start a new career in Data, IT, Software or Digital Marketing.