Where are the benefits of Skills Bootcamps for both Candidates and Employers?

Skills Bootcamps are designed to help learners develop the digital skills that are in demand with top employers and equip them with the knowledge to go out and find a job or apprenticeship in the industry. This initiative was created as a response to the pandemic and Skills Bootcamps are a part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs.

At Just IT we offer Skills Bootcamps in IT, Data and Software Development – but why do learners choose us?

Benefits for a Learner

If you are looking to explore a new career and want to learn a new subject such as IT, Skills Bootcamps are the perfect option for you.

Each of our programmes lasts for 12 weeks and will build the technical knowledge and learning needed to start your career in Data, Software, or IT, including the industry-recognised certifications that top employers are looking for. We’ll also help you hone their soft skills, including communication, collaborative working and working to deadlines in an agile environment.

If you take part in the Data Technician Skills Bootcamp you will learn Power BI, R Studio and Microsoft Excel and this is a great pathway for learners who enjoy identifying patterns in any body of data and want to develop their career in Data.

The Software Development Skills Bootcamp covers HTML/JavaScript/CCS, Python and more, giving a fast track to a junior developer role, or a Level 4 Software Developer apprenticeship.

Our IT Technician Skills Bootcamp will equip you with industry-recognised qualifications that top employers look for, including CompTIA A+, Windows Client and Office 365. There really are so many pathways to explore.

To explore all the Skills Bootcamps in more depth please click here.

Benefits for an Employer

As the talent demand across the IT and Digital sector soars, Skills Bootcamps are a part of a government initiative to develop the skills and talent that employers need. Here is everything you need to know:

  • Our best candidates will be accessed for soft skills and technical aptitude and then put forward to roles within companies like yours.
  • You will gain access to high-quality candidates who have had 12-week learning and earned qualifications that will help your business grow.
  • We have a sustainable flow of local talent you will be able to explore.
  • You will invest in individuals from diverse backgrounds and help them pursue a career in IT, Data or Software Development through an apprenticeship or entry-level role.
  • We also understand every company is different with niche requirements specific to internal processes and culture, we will work closely with you to understand these needs and overlay information sessions and a series of recruitment touch points to maximise suitability to your talent needs.

If you are interested in speaking to us about getting Skills Bootcamp learners on board within your company and investing in their learning, please reach out to us here. We have a range of great candidates ready now!