Operations Manager

Donna @ Moorfields Eye Hospital

Donna – Operations Manager Apprentice @ Moorfields Eye Hospital

“Apprenticeships are a great way to enhance your education and applying the learning towards your current role has been inspiring.”

What led you to do an apprenticeship?

I had been exploring the options of higher education, and had wanted to begin working
towards a programme which was equivalent of an degree. This led to discussions with my
Line Manager and also our trust apprenticeship lead. I was advised that I could pursue
an apprenticeship while still conducting my current role. This was an exciting option for me, which my Manager was in support of.

What goal were you trying to achieve?

My goal was to achieve the Level 5 qualification and to update my management knowledge base as my A level studies had been in business management some time ago! Alongside this, I wanted to use the learning gained from the apprenticeship to support my team so that they could develop further within their role.

What benefits did the apprenticeship offer over other upskilling and academic courses?

The apprenticeship provided great support from other learners since it was beneficial to have insight into their working practices and how you can apply this knowledge towards your role. It also offered the opportunity to gain a certified qualification and the option of learning at your own pace while still working full time.

How does the programme blend learning with the role you have?

This programme maps directly into my role within the Trust since I manage a team of staff and this has helped me adopt different management and leadership approaches that best suit each of them. The programme has enhanced techniques I was already using within the workplace and helped recognise how other elements of my role sit within the management field. The use of work based evidence really gives you the opportunity to assess and improve your workload alongside learning new techniques such as delegation.

What three things do you like about the programme?

  1. The use of workshops to provide better depth of knowledge
  2. Having a business coach who is there to support your learning and commitment to the programme and provide you with guidance on how to fulfil your potential during the programme.
  3. Having an online learning platform which provides you with case studies to support your learning and shows progression within your evidence portfolio.

What are the main things you have achieved through the programmes?

A core achievement throughout the programme has been learning the art of delegation and how this can support the learning and development of my team. From doing this, it has helped improve my teams’ knowledge base and promoted trust which has been motivational for all. I have also adopted many other techniques I have learnt, particularly how feedback can be used constructively to develop others and yourself. This is something which I introduced to my team during the
programme and we are now retaining this as a core area for supporting appraisal and personal development.

Would you recommend apprenticeships and why?

Yes, definitely, apprenticeships are so much more than just a certificate or qualification. Apprenticeships are a great way to enhance your education and applying the learning towards your current role has been inspiring.

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