Career Support with Just IT

To many employers, soft skills are the most important aspect of hiring a new employee. Unlike education, learning or work experience (hard skills), soft skills determine how well you interact with other people.

67% of HR managers would hire a candidate with strong soft skills, even if hard skills were weak. Here at Just IT our goal is to make sure both your technical and personal skills are strong.

This is especially important in IT, as most roles will see you working closely with either your team, or with other stakeholders in the wider business. Those moving into technical support will need to support users directly, either over the phone or face-to-face. If you’re looking to start a career in development, collaborating with a team of different specialties will be essential, so it’s important to show that you have strong interpersonal skills at every stage.

The good news is that much like your education, soft skills are learnable.

Starting Your Career With Just IT 

Here at Just IT, you’ll be able to depend on our career support team to help you develop yourself, ready to start your IT career. An essential part of our job guarantee or your money back, our team will help you to identify what areas need developing and guide you on your way.

From your first week with Just IT you’ll be introduced to our Career Support Consultants, and even when your training is completed, they’ll only be a phone call away.

Career Support Consultant aiding a learner.

Mock Interviews & Confidence Building 

For most of our candidates, Tech is a new chapter in their career.  While some of our learners have worked in the industry before a career break, for most it will be their first time interviewing for Technical Support and Development roles. That’s why our team will give you mock interviews before you have your first, if you feel you need the experience.

They’ll act as an employer meeting you for the first time, asking you about yourself, motivation and skills, before giving you honest feedback about how you did. Afterwards they’ll run through everything you did well, and anything you can improve on.

You’ll also practice presenting as part of a group, both to boost your own confidence presenting, and to give you experience working as part of a team to a mutual goal.

CV Support & Effective Job Searching

For most employers, your CV is your first impression. There are many ways to showcase your new IT skills on your CV, but some people struggle to sell themselves enough, especially when changing careers into a new industry.

Our Career Support Consultants will review your CV with you and help you to make it stand out on job boards to employers. Working regularly with our Recruitment Teams, they have an excellent awareness of what the market is looking for at any given moment.

As they begin to better understand you, your motivations and skills, they’ll have a better idea of which of our available roles you’ll be best suited to.  From there they’ll be able to help you search for the most suitable roles for your experience and interests and start your career with an employer that suits you.

Once you’ve gained enough experience in the IT industry, Just IT will be here to help you find the next step in your career. Whether you’re looking for more seniority, or to specialise in something more technical, we’ll be there every step of the way.

To find out more about how our training programmes will start your IT career, submit your details here.